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 Sarah Lane Interviews Ratchet

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PostSubject: Sarah Lane Interviews Ratchet   Mon Feb 11, 2013 7:07 pm

*Backstage Sarah Lane is standing with Ratchet who is standing punching the air. He stands in ripped up blue jeans and a Red and Yellow jacket over his chiseled chest and abs. His wrists are taped as he grins and faces Sarah Lane looking down at her*

Ratchet: "You may speak now Sarah Lane."

*Sarah Lane brings the mic to her lips slowly looking up at Ratchet with pleading eyes*

Sarah Lane: "Well Ratchet, I don't believe you and I have ever had the chance to sit down and conduct an interview and you happen to be an IWA original."

Ratchet: "Yeah and?"

Sarah Lane: "Uhh well that's quite an amazing feat for someone who's been here since day one to avoid an interview with me."

Ratchet: "Nothing has needed to be said Sarah, I've done my business day in and day out. I preform almost every night with the best of them, Romulus, TDG, Hysteric, I do it all. I am a man of few words Sarah."

*Sarah Lane nods and comes back with another question*

Sarah Lane: "Well now you are part of Prodigy with The Hysteric, Swagger D, JLX and Cory Atlas. The Hysteric whom of which you are no stranger to, and The Hysteric whom of which is no stranger to leading successful Factions and Groups one would say."

Ratchet: "Hold on Sarah Lane, One would say? No. One knows how successful The Hysteric has been here. One would be stupid to not know. Something one would say is that you and that fool Hurricane Earl Lockyer were a thing, but then one would KNOW that Ratchet can do it so much better baby!"

*Sarah Lane blushes and turns her head*

Sarah Lane: "Ratchet!"

Ratchet: "I speak the truth and speaking of truth, The Prodigy you speak of is here to unveil all of the dirty secrets in the IWA and let the world know the truth of the corruption here in this business."

Sarah Lane: "Can you give the world any clues as to who your "Boss" is?"

*Ratchet smiles then frowns getting serious*

Ratchet: "To be matter of factly, Ratchet doesnt know who he works for, neither do The JLX or even Cory Atlas. Only The Hysteric and Swagger D know the identity of our so called Boss."

Sarah Lane: "And you're okay with all of this? You're acting blindly in the name of someone you have never met."

Ratchet: "No Sarah, I am following The Hysteric. The Hysteric who has never steered me wrong here in this business and The Hysteric who I trust who in turn trusts Swagger D. If he's okay by The Hysteric then he's okay by the rest of us."

Sarah Lane: "Hmmm can you explain how you guys came to become allies with The JLX?"

Ratchet: "It's simple. A group of people all looking to achieve greater but similar goals coming together in a union to aid each other in gaining those goals."

Sarah Lane: "Mhmm, And your goal is?"

Ratchet: "My goal is simple. I want the Unified Termination Championship."

Sarah Lane: "You mean to challenge Bford?"

Ratchet: "Not just challenge, beat."

Sarah Lane: "Those are bold words Ratchet."

Ratchet: "Yes, and my winning tonight will be even more bold Sarah Lane."

Sarah Lane: "......."

*Ratchet walks off leaving Sarah Lane in the interview area as he walks towards the curtain*

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Sarah Lane Interviews Ratchet
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