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 Mr. Popular (2nd)

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PostSubject: Mr. Popular (2nd)   Tue Feb 12, 2013 9:48 pm

*Justin Omega is seen in front of the camera*

Omega: Ladies and gentlmen... your new Unified Termination Champion... Bford

*Bford is seen with a big smile as he nods to Justin*

Bford: Thank you J.O. It sure is great to be here... in DETROIT, MICHIGAN!

*The crowd goes crazy, chanting "Bford! Bford! Bford!*

Omega: So it's gotta feel great after last season's PPV right?

Bford: J.... you have no idea! The energy at Ultimate War Games was amazing! You know what was even more amazing though?... Becoming the first ever Unified IWA TERMINATION CHAMPION!

*The crowd goes crazy*

Omega: Well Bford, you certainly have sparked interest in other superstars such as TDG, Ratchet, Perry Jenkins... all of these men seem to want to go after your Title... how do you feel about that?

Bford: Seems I've become Mr. Popular... well... how about I go out there tonight and tell the IWA how I feel?

*The audience loses it as Bford walks away from the interview*

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Mr. Popular (2nd)
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