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 The Real Reason

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: The Real Reason   Thu Feb 14, 2013 1:55 am

Stewson appears in a parking lot, he places Earl in the trunk of a Duster, Stewson drives off, Stewson dials his phone.

Stewson :" Arrived safely".

Voice : " Excellent now bring Earl here"

Stewson : " Will do, be there in 45"

Stewson drives then turns of onto a dirt road, which leads to a cabin, Stewson removes Earl from the trunk, and enters the cabin, Stewson places Earl in a chair and cuffs him, then revives him with smelling salts.

Earl squirms in the chair.

Earl : " Where the hell did you bring me"?.

Stewson : " This is where I was told to bring you".

Earl : " By who"?

Earl hears a women's voice.

Woman :" By me"

Earl : " Ah Miss Parker so Stewson was right when he said he was sent by the Center"

Miss Parker : " Yes Earl, but it isn't what you think, you weren't brought here to be returned to the Center, you were brought here to destroy it".

Earl : " what kind of game are you playing"?.

Miss Parker : " no game Earl, this will help explain everything"

Miss Parker hands Earl a file.

Earl : " My Hands"

Miss Parker motions for Stewson to remove Earl's cuffs.

Earl takes the file and reads it.

Earl : " Is all this true"

Miss Parker :" Yes Earl all of the work you did there much of it against you're will, was used to coordinate terrorist acts around the world, all under the control of my father, so Earl I plead with you to destroy the center once and for all".

Earl : " so what's in it for me"

Miss Parker : " My Promise that no one will ever be chasing you again".

Earl : " You won't be offended if I don't believe you"

Miss Parker : " You have my word".

Earl : " But the moment I do that Mr. Lyle will come after me".

Mr. Lyle : " no I won't, Miss Parker and I agree that the Center must be Destroyed, and that you are the only person that can do it".

Earl : " But why me"?

Miss Parker: " Because no one knows that place better than you, you can get in do the job and get out".

Earl : " and I have you're word, that i will be clear"

Miss Parker : " yes, you have my word".

Miss Parker extends her hand, earl shakes it.

Earl : " How about you Mr. Lyle"?

Mr. Lyle " My word".

Mr Lyle extends his hand, he and Earl shake.

Earl : " Alright then when do I do this"?

Lyle : " now"

Earl : "Ok".

Earl points to Stewson.

Earl : " I'm taking this guy with me".

Parker : "Ok"

Lyle : " The van outside has every thing need to do the job".

Earl : " Alright then I guess Stewson and I have a job to do".

Parker: " Good Luck".

Earl and Stewson enter the van and drive off.

Stewson :" Do you trust them"?

Earl " No".

Earl and Stewson arrive at the Center, exit and go around to the back of the van.

Earl : " Take all of these C-4 charges", and follow me.

Earl and Stewson walk until coming to a man hole, earl lifts the cover.

Earl : " After you"

Stewson and Earl follow the sewer system until they come to a large door, Earl punches the security code and they enter.

Earl : " this way"

Earl and Stewson make their way down a corridor until they find a door that says boiler room, Earl opens the door and they enter.

Earl : " Place the charges by the boilers and set them"

Stewson : " How Long"

Earl : " Use the remote Detonators ".

Stewson and Earl set the charges.

Earl : " Time to go".

Earl and Stewson exit the room make their way down the corridor and exit into the sewer, they arrive at the other end exit and enter the van and drive off, they drive to a hill overlooking the Center, a black car arrives and Lyle and Parker exit.

They stare at each other, then Earl pulls a phone form his pocket.

Earl punches in several numbers

Earl : " Time to reach out and touch somebody"

Earl pushes a button and in seconds the Center explodes into a large mushroom cloud.

Lyle : " thank-you, and sorry for the way we brought you here the way we did'

Parker : " Now get out of here both of you"

Earl : " yeah, Stewson let's use that crazy wristband gadget"

Stewson " Cool Where are we going"

Earl : " Detroit"

Stewson : " hang on"

Earl and Stewson disappear in a flash of light.

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The Real Reason
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