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 Earl Returns

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Earl Returns   Fri Feb 15, 2013 3:22 am

Sarah Lane is standing in the interview area.

Sarah : " Please welcome at this time Muttley, tonight muttley you are set for tag team action, but as we all know you're scheduled partner for tonight hasn't been seen since ultimate war games"

Muttley: " that's right Sarah, but the war master isn't scared"

Sarah : " with all due respect, this puts you in a corner"

Muttley : " yes, but when you back a rabid animal is a corner it tend to fight"

Sarah : ' But it's still two vs one".

Muttley : "I fill fight with all I got".

Sarah : " I wonder what Earl would say if he was here"

Muttley goes to speak, but a voice interrupts him.

Earl : " I'd say it's time for those guy's to run for cover".

Muttley and Sarah turn and see Earl.

Muttley shakes Earl's hand.

Earl gives Sarah and big hug.

Muttley : " where have you been dude".

Earl : " I'd tell you but you would never believe it, that's a story for another time."

Sarah regains her composure and restarts the interview.

Sarah : " what about tonight's match".

Earl : " Tonight you are going to see history, tonight the war master and the human natural disaster, take two guys to the wood shed, strap in boy's for you are in for a rough ride".

Earl and Muttley high five as the camera fades.

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Earl Returns
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