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 Still smiling

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PostSubject: Still smiling   Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:43 pm

[backstage area]

*Sarah Lane is standing in the corridor. She seems to be waiting for someone and has a bit nervous look. Daniel Mayers comes to her and waves his hand.*

Sarah Lane: "Hi, Daniel."

Daniel Mayers: "Hello, Sarah."

Sarah Lane: "The Ultimate War Games wasn't a successful show for you. You lost a match against Enigmatic Savior and were thrown out from the Nest by the Hysteric. How can you comment these events?"

Daniel Mayers: "Yes, you are completely right, Sarah. The Ultimate War Games was a very unsuccessful night for me. I lost the match which I had invented. The only winning stipulation was my idea! And I was beaten with my own weapon. Then I was insulted by the man whom I thought to be my friend. But neither losing the important match nor betrayal of the friend can tear this smile out of my face. This is the only thing I have. But you know what? The Hysteric is right. No more balloons. No more games and fun. Time to get serious. I must achieve something in this show. Tonight I'm going not only win the match but also show Enigmatic Savior that he has no power against me! Furthermore I'll show the Hysteric that he should get ready for what is waiting for him. I'm not going to forger what he has done! You have heard me! The Hysteric is going to pay!!!"

Sarah Lane: "Alright, Daniel, just calm down!"

Daniel Mayers throws a quick glance to the camera and goes away.

Sarah Lane follows Daniel Mayers with her eyes. Then she goes to the opposite way.
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Still smiling
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