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 Filled with Confidence

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Enigmatic Savior
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PostSubject: Filled with Confidence   Thu Feb 21, 2013 3:52 pm

The lights dim in the arena as Unbreakable Heart by Three Days Grace plays loudly. The pyro goes off and Enigmatic Savior appears at the top of the ramp. He is wearing a white shirt, sunglasses and black jeans. The crowd cheers as he makes his way to the ring. He enters the ring and climbs to the top rope and raises his arm. He jumps off and asks for a mic.

Ken Comaro: And it looks like we're about to hear from the Savior. He defeated Daniel Mayers at Ultimate War Games in a match that Daniel created.

Rhys Trebian: Defeated? He decimated Daniel! That was one of the most one-sided matches I have ever witnessed.

Enigmatic Savior stands in the middle of the ring and smirks as the fans chant Enigmatic.

Enigmatic Savior: A few weeks ago I stood in this ring and I'll be honest, I didn't know whether I would wrestle again. And now look at me. I stand in this ring coming off a victory at the Ultimate War Games and after tonight I will become the number one contender for the unified championship.

The crowd cheers loudly.

Ken Comaro: The fans are really behind Enigmatic tonight.

Enigmatic Savior: It sounds like you all want me to become the unified championship. All I have to do is throw 5 guys over the top rope. And who are these five men? I'll be honest I have no clue about three of the guys. The fourth guy is Daniel Mayers who got his ass kicked by me. The last guy is a monster. He eliminated 9 guys at the rumble and lasted over 20 minutes. He is the only guy who stands between me and my championship. That man is TDG.

The crowd murmurs at the mention of his name.

Enigmatic Savior: TDG may be a giant. He may be one of the most destructive fighters in the world. But he is no Enigmatic Savior. I am the guy who has dominated every federation I have ever been with and I have held titles at every single one of them. I have competed in more high profile matches then most of the guys in the back combined. I have ended careers and I have done things that many considered impossible.

Rhys Trebian: That's true, Enigmatic has a habit of doing unbelievable things.

Enigmatic Savior: So I plan on adding another accolade to my career by walking out as the number one contender and heading on to become the new... UNDISPUTED CHAMPION!

Enigmatic Savior throws the mic down and heads to the back as Unbreakable Heart plays.

Ken Comaro: Enigmatic is filled with confidence and looks like he planning on a championship celebration already.
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PostSubject: Re: Filled with Confidence   Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:11 pm

nice Smile

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Filled with Confidence
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