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 Opening Segment

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PostSubject: Opening Segment   Sat Mar 02, 2013 6:50 pm

*There’s a introduction video playing of IWA containing
The most unforgetable moment, the most extreme moments.*

*After that the video fades to text form:
...IWA we present you...

*The pyro explodes as IWA intro is rolling, the crowd cheers loudly.
We can see a lot of “IWA” signs carried by the crowd.
The camera stops at a sign, “Welcome to Chicago, IWA”.
The camera then moves to the commentator's table where Rhys Trebian and
Ken Comaro are sitting*

Ken Comaro: "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are live tonight from Chicago!

Rhys Trebian: "After last week's chaos, hopefully tonight we will see something interesting"

Ken Comaro: "Tonight we have..."

*Suddenly Ken Comaro is interrupted as Unstoppable by TobyMac hits across the arena*

Ken Comaro: "What the hell?"

*Matt Lebleux with Swagger D by his right and Hysteric by his left followed by Cory Atlas, Ratchet, J Hammer and Xenon LX
The make their way to the ring
They all take the steel steps to get in the ring
As they walk in, Matt Lebleux, Hysteric and Swagger D grab a microphone from the steel steps*

Matt Lebleux: "Welcome to The Prodigy's very own show, IWA!"

*The crowd is filled with boos*

Matt Lebleux: "Don't boo your future general manager, you mannerless freaks!"

*The crowd boos even heavier*

Matt Lebleux: "Okay so tonight, we are going to have some fun...
But before that, I have something for Alana"

*Matt Lebleux looks around to grab everyone's attention*

Matt Lebleux: "I think we rushed things a little bit last week by destroying the ring but I am sure the message that was sent to Alana was strong enough
Alana, we will give you one more night to resign
We got other ways as well if you think we still cant do anything
These guys behind me are powerhouses of this company now
They may not be that strong individual but as a team, dont even underestimate them
So now, I will announce the show tonight and by the way..."

*Suddenly Matt Lebleux is interrupted by Theatrical music
The crowd starts cheering on their feet
Alana Alexandra walks down to the stage with a microphone*

Alana Alexandra: "You are not doing anything tonight, Matt
and neither am I resigning as a GM of IWA"

*The crowd bursts in cheers after hearing that*

Alana Alexandra: "Are the six of you done with having fun?
because now you have some consequences to deal with after last week
Every six of you will have a match tonight!"

*Alana pauses to look at the confused faces of the 7 people in ring*

Alana Alexandra: "Team JLX and Ratchet, lets start with you
Because we are here in Chicago we will see some 6 man tag team action
You 3 will be in a 6 man tag team match against the team of Ravaging Ron, Muttley and Perry Jenkins!"

*The crowd cheers*

Alana Alexandra: "Cory Atlas, you really like interfering in other people's matches don't you?
Well thats not gonna happen tonight because you will face El Boaro
and I am not done there...
Mr International Champion, Hysteric, you have a match tonight against an old friend
whos just been dying to get his hands on you ever since UWG, Daniel Mayers!

*The fans cheer loudly*

Alana Alexandra: "And since you have become a bit of an unworthy champion, I will add something else... maybe a stipulation like Chicago Street Fight!"

*Hysteric doesn't look happy*

Alana Alexandra: "And as for you Mr. Playboy, Swagger D...
You will be in a handicap match tonight against IWA's Global Tag Team Champions!"

*Swagger D gets mad and kicks the bottom rope*

Alana Alexandra: "Also as the contract for the World Heavyweight Championship states,
I will allow Kid A and Romulus to pick their opponents for each other tonight in a series of
pick your poison tables & ladders match up."

*The crowd explodes in cheers*

Alana Alexandra: "Now boys, I know you guys have so much to say, but it seems you have
some matches to get prepare for. Now please clear the ring because we will have the elimination chamber qualifying matches up next as well"

*Alana takes a step back and stops as the fans cheer her on*

Alana Alexandra: "Oh and I almost forgot, I hope you guys don't plan on coming out to ringside to help the other members of the prodigy tonight because you all are banned from ringside!"

*With that, Alana gives the crowd a smile added with a wave. She then slowly walks out leaving the Prodigy mad and the crowd cheering*

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Segment   Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:47 am

I added a little more dialogue, it looks good Smile adding to show. if you will when you get on or have time, upload the video and termination sign i dont have those

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PostSubject: Re: Opening Segment   Sun Mar 03, 2013 12:54 pm

alright will do
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PostSubject: Re: Opening Segment   

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Opening Segment
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