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 Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)

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PostSubject: Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 2:09 pm

*Unstoppable by Tobymac hits across the arena
The crowd starts booing as Swagger D walks down with a microphone
He runs and slides in the ring beneath the bottom rope
He then gets up and holds the microphone by his mouth*

Swagger D: "I do know I have a match tonight but that wont stop me from coming out
I have a match against two jokers of this company, I dont have to prepare for them!
They are actually a good team because both of them are (censored) up in the head"

*Swagger D waits for the booing to stop*

Swagger D: "Okay lets look back and see what they've accomplished til now...
A fluke global tag team championship, few fluke wins and stupidity!
When was the last time they actually had a interesting match?
Even if they did, they probably lost it
because everybody knows that they are (censored)!"

*Swagger D smiles at the crowd*

Swagger D: "Don't even think about a win tonight, losers caz I am a diamond in the sky and you are just a normal trash in the gutter like the rest of these people here...
Face it Mexican hurricanes, once you lose that title, you are never getting another one again because you are not like Swagger D
and thats a fact!
The Prodigy is the next big thing in IWA and nobody would even know who the hell Mexican Hurricanes were in few years from now
We are the reason the show still has good ratings"

*The crowd starts chanting "Swagger Dork. Swagger Dork"

Swagger D: "PLEASE get a damn life, you homeless hobos!"

*Swagger D leaves the crowd booing heavily*

Swagger D: "So about last week...
Yeah I had some fun alright!"

*Swagger D mocks the booing crowd*

Swagger D: "So why did Swagger D do that?
its simple, because I can!
Sarah Lane is too good for that long haired homo...
When was the last time you kissed Sarah Lane?
I don't remember and neither do these hobos
because you are not made for girls
you are made for Mr. Mexico and The Future Homo Nerds Association of USA"

*Swagger D laughs at the camera*

Swagger D: "hurricane, ya gotta get a kiss from her caz I'm sure she would blow a nerdy kid's mind"

*Swagger D laughs
Just when he opens his mouth to talk again, he is interrupted by Mexican Hurricanes*
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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Re: Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)   Sun Mar 03, 2013 11:36 pm

* Mexican Hurricane's appear on stage*

Mr. Mexico : " Real nice a man who spends all his time with men is calling us homos, where are the prodigy right now in the back pumping each other if you know what I mean"

* The fans laugh*

Mr Mexico : " But for now let's talk about tonight, you have to face the tag team champions all by yourself, and I know that will be hard for you because no prodigy, no help, there's nothing stopping us from coming down there and beating you to a pulp".

* Mexico starts to walk to the ring, but Earl stops him*

Earl : " Wait a minute partner he will get what's coming to him soon enough, you stand in that ring and you run you're mouth, as for my living conditions my house is bigger than this arena, an as for miss Lane well she ain't just built for show she's build to go if you what I mean, but you swagger wouldn't know anything about that, since you probably have never been with a girl, ok maybe you're sister, and that's just gross, as for the match tonight I don't really care if we win or not, I all care about is hurting you, and hurt you i, oops i mean we will hurt you, that stupid mask you wear will be colored red with you're blood, you know what partner I'm done talking."

* Earl and Mexico make their way down the ramp towards the ring.*
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PostSubject: Re: Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)   Mon Mar 04, 2013 8:42 pm

*Swagger D holds his hand up and stops them*

Swagger D: "Hold on there, you retards"

*Swagger D gives them a confused look*

Swagger D: "Holy (censored)! Somebody please give em some knowledge and common sense"

*Swagger D looks pissed off*

Swagger D: "I see the clear future of this (censored) ass company right now. First I had to handle a pig face freak with a weirdass mask and now I've seen the devil of the goofy land.
What the hell is that in your head, Mexico? Two horns? Why didn't you get two brains instead? Would be a lot more easier for other people...
This mask right here is some dope (censored) and yours is like a green (censored) from your own (censored)"

*Swagger D takes a moment and laughs*

Swagger D: "You two clowns should join circus...
Or wait were you guys already hired there before coming to IWA?
caz the circus clown I saw this weekend here in chicago was actually smart unlike you two
Wait are you married yet? oh hold on actually, one cant get a girl while the other is struggling with his...
hurricane, you actually wouldnt have guts to go with the other girl if you even had a wife
When we look at you two, the joke actually makes sense caz everybody knows that this aint circus and they got 2 weirdass clowns here tonight"

*Swagger D leans to the ropes while talking*

Swager D: "hurricane, you must be an emotional speaker
Really nice words but this company doent need you..."

*Swagger D pretends as if he is thinking something*

Swagger D: "When the prodigy takes over IWA, first thing we're gonna do is strip you two off your title
and maybe from your clothes as well just for humiliation"

*Swagger D laughs at them as they him a serious look*

Swagger D: "So you really think I don't get more girls than you?
I am not like some retard wearing his devil mask 24/7, so I expect to differ...
If I want I can sell all my mansion, cars and everything else and buy this company right away but for the sake of United States unemployment rate, I am not gonna do it"

*The crowd boos*

Swagger D: "And about the homosexual thing you mentioned...
We hang out as 6 people...
Its a group of people
If thats homo sexual then, every single guy groups all around the world are homosexual...
I am not gonna talk more caz you two will probably start (censored) before the show ends later on tonight remembering all the talk
and to kids under 13, you should probably close your TV and go to sleep caz I'm sure these two are gonna take this too far"

*Swagger D pauses*

Swagger D: "So back to tonight's match...
I know Prodigy's band from ringside but I promise that three count or tap out from one of you tonight
And from then, I will prove how bad this company is and how bad their champions are
That will of course be shameful, I'm sure about that...
You're gonna hurt me, hurricane?
well guess what, this is no Give me Pain challenge so tonight's match will turn out to be more like a humiliation challenge when I embarrass you two in this very ring"

*Swagger D lowers his microphone*

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PostSubject: Re: Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)   Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:19 pm

lol my bad guys censored...
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PostSubject: Re: Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)   Tue Mar 05, 2013 2:56 pm

Soz have'nt rped been away but back now

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PostSubject: Re: Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)   

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Why? Here is why! (open to Mexican Hurricanes)
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