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 Chris Sparks Profile

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PostSubject: Chris Sparks Profile   Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:10 pm

Name: Chris Sparks
Age: 20
Height: 5'10
Face/Heel: Face
Weight: 207 pounds

Bio: Was trained by some of the greatest Legends in wrestling history. Chris is one of the fastes stars in the industry, with an arsenal of moves consisting of deadly kicks, strikes, and high flying moves. With the right amount of momentum he can dominate in a match. He is one of the greatest sellers in the business, and can make any star look good in the ring.


Pump up:
Chris Starts fist pumping as the crowd begin to Chant "Sparks Sparks Sparks"



The opponent goes for a clothesline, but Chris Sparks ducks then bounces off the ropes and dropkicks the opponent's leg, causing him to kneel. Chris then runs bouncing off the ropes again and leaps connecting with a knee to the head of the opponent. Excecuting a Shockwave

Kicking Combo:

Chris walks over to the opponent who is now between the turnbuckle and begins a barrage of swift kicks to their chest. Chris then backs up and runs leaping up hitting the opponent in the jaw with a big knee.

Triangle Drop Kick (Only if opponent is outside the ring on the apron)

Chris runs and jumps up using the ropes then turns his body drop kicking the opponent back outside


Sparks of Life (Scissor Kick)

Chris looks at the opponent who is now on their hands and knees, Chris runs bouncing off the ropes and leaps hitting a scissor kick on the back of the head ofthe opponent, and before landing does a spin, as he hits it. executing Sparks of Life

Storm Kick (Super Kick)

Chris waits in the corner of the ring and begins to stomp his foot waiting for the opponent to stand and turn around, when he does Chris moves forward hitting him in the face with a kick that can be heared through the rafters. Hitting a Storm Kick

A Bolt of lightning hits the top of the stage and fireworks go off, "Written In The Stars" by Tinie Tempah begins to play as Chris Sparks comes from behind the curtain with a white hoodie with yellow lightning bolts on the chest of it. Walking beside him is Bobby Gruesome, who is wearing his suit and shades. Chris shakes Bobby's hand and then takes off towards the ring leaping and somersaulting over the top rope. He climbs the turnbuckle and takes off his hoodie throwing it to the fans as girls scream his name as he poses for them
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Chris Sparks Profile
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