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 Used my Advantage

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PostSubject: Used my Advantage   Mon Mar 04, 2013 11:47 pm

*Justin Omega is seen with mic in hand looking into the camera*

Omega: Ladies and Gentlemen... you're Unified Termination Champion... Bford!

*Bford is seen with his title around his waist. His face with a bit of seriousness to it as Omega begins to interview him*

Omega: Bford... last week a couple of eyebrows were raised.... during your Title match against Perry Jenkins, right when he was about to hit the Ultimate Xposure... The Prodigy suddenly appeared distracting him, you then took that opportunity and hit him with a Bford and After... can you justify your reasons Bford..

Bford:...Isn't it obvious. Perry and I were having one of the greatest matches in IWA history. Both of us wanted the title, but obviously Perry didn't want it as much as I did. He let his emotions get the best of him and took his eyes off the prize, so I took advantage of the situation, does that make me a bad guy... no. What it makes me, is a serious force in the IWA. People now take me seriously, and as much as I love the fans, I will never give it less than 100 percent in that ring. I expect my opponents to do the same... with that said Enigmatic Savior.. I look forward to our match. TDG I look forward to our rematch... and anyone else who wants a piece of me or my title. If you want some... come get some.

*With that Bford leaves the interview as Justin watches him leave and shrugs to the camera. It then fades to black and pans to the commentators Ken and Rhys
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Used my Advantage
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