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 Emphasis on Blind

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PostSubject: Emphasis on Blind   Tue Mar 05, 2013 5:33 pm

*The scene goes to Kid A's locker room. We see Baby B's head face rising into the show and then lowering out again as she looks down at something. The shot pans back to show her reading a magazine while sitting Indian style on Kid's back as he does pushups.*

Kid A: "So that's what it's like now?"

Baby B: "Yeah, he's busy. Got some new dregs and they're gearing up to go hog wild. Got some new figureheads wanting to be their puppet leader. Shouldn't affect us much yet."

Kid A: "Heh, has the Boss Lady reached out?"

Baby B: "Nah. Not on perfect terms after what you tried to pull last week. She looks like she got things under control for now anyway. But that power struggle ain't nothing compared to your power struggle. That's a little thing compared to your soon to be Championship. Tonight you're gonna show them why."

Kid A: "So who am I fightin' anyway?"

Baby B: "Don't know."

Kid A: "What do ya mean 'don't know'?"

Baby B: "It's a surprise. Well more like Romulus's surprise."

Kid A: "Wait, get up offa me."

*Baby B sighs and gets up and he stands with an agitated look on his face.*

Kid A: "Now explain."

Baby B: "Both you and Romulus have matches tonight and you're choosing each other's opponent."

Kid A: "So who the hell did he pick?"

Baby B: "We won't know until you're out there. Look, just treat it like a blind date."

Kid A: "What?! I ain't goin' on no date here, Baby."

Baby B: "Jeeze I said just pretend it's a blind date with an emphasis on the blind. Treat it like this: You prepare for it. Make sure you're ready with a game plan and you got your moves down. Instead of wanting it to turn out well for both of ya, you want to make sure you're ready to ruin the other person's night. Look you've been in the ring with most of these guys so it's no sweat. I know some people who're free tonight and some new guys but we can't be sure who it's going to be. So just be ready for anything."

Kid A: "Ok I think I see where you're comin' from but don't call it that.

*Baby B rolls her eyes and sits on a chair in the corner.*

Kid A: "Who are we gonna pick for him to fight? I could just do it."

Baby B: "Nah, you'll beat him when it means something. For the title. I have someone in mind. But let's see how the other fights go first. This is going to be special. Get on the bag. I'll let you know soon."

*She smiles mischievously and it seems to reassure him. He goes to work on a punching bag as she puts the book down and thinks.*
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Emphasis on Blind
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