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 Nobody can trick me [open for the Hysteric if he would like to participate]

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PostSubject: Nobody can trick me [open for the Hysteric if he would like to participate]   Wed Mar 06, 2013 1:42 pm

*The Hysteric approaches his locker room. He is just about to turn the handle but his attention is being distracted by something on the door. He looks closer and sees the note sticked to it. He reads the following text: "Nobody". The Hysteric tears the note off the door and comes in. He sees something painted on the floor with the red color. It is the word "can". The Hystreic looks puzzled and angry at the same time.*

The Hysteric: "Someone is going to pay for breaking into my locker room and making such a mess here!"

*He comes to the locker and notices another piece of paper. "trick" is written on it. Under the word there is an arrow which points to the left. The Hysteric follows the direction with his eyes and looks at the small mirror which is covered by the letters "ME".*

The Hysteric: "Nobody can trick me? Ph! What a stupidity!"

*With these words he tears the paper off the locker's door and opens it. A balloon filled with helium flies out of the locker leaving it empty so that one more message can be seen on the further side of the locker.*

The Hysteric: "I'm gonna kill you!"

*The Hysteric runs out of the locker room as if he wanted to chase someone. The camera shows the message inside the locker. It says "Yippee-Ki-Yay".*

*Now another camera shows the large screen over the entrance area, on which the crowd was viewing those events. The crowd became very noisy and excited after watching the last message inside the locker.*

"The entrance area gets filled with green mist. Daniel Mayers shows up to the audience. He walks slowly with his hands folded behind. The crowd meets him with loud cheers."

Rhys Trebian: "Yeah, we all know that it was Daniel Mayers who did that, what is the point? Does he even know that breaking into ones property is a crime? Or law is nothing for this hooligan?"

Ken Comaro: "It is still to be proved that it was Daniel who left that message."

Rhys Trebian: "It is obviously! Who else is mental enough to be the author and executor of such a stupid and pointless idea!"

Ken Comaro: "Anyway it was pretty creative."

Rhys Trebian: "So what does he do in the ring?! He must work in the creative team and leave the wrestling for professionals! And didn't he give up with that balloons stuff?!"

Ken Comaro: "I believe he did, Rhys. After losing the balloon match against Enigmatic Savior at War Games. But nobody can forbid him to use balloons as warnings. For example, Rhys, I heard that when you went to the parking lot after the previous show you found a balloon tied to the mirror on your car. Is it true?"

Rhys Trebian: "What a nonsense! Who told you that?"

*Rhys Trebian giggles but then he turns away from Ken and the expression on his face turns from happy to scared.*

*Meanwhile Daniel Mayers rolls into the ring awkwardly, stands up and draws a microphone out of his wide pants.*

Daniel Mayers: "Yippee-Ki-Yay!"

*The crowd cheers him and there are even single yippee-ki-yay's are heard.*

Daniel Mayers: "Well... What can I say! Did you enjoy what you have watched some moments before?"

*People shouts cheerfully.*

Daniel Mayers: "So did I! But I think it is out of need to say that I have nothing to do with that!"

*Some spectators laugh.*

Daniel Mayers: "But indeed, folks! Nobody can trick me! I'm not a fool! I don't need that Unified Termination Title... Yet! You all know that I lost the contendership match last week. But I'd like to kick the Hysteric's butt. Personally! Now!"

*With these words Daniel Mayers throws the microphone away.*

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Nobody can trick me [open for the Hysteric if he would like to participate]
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