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 Unfinished Talk (closed)

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PostSubject: Unfinished Talk (closed)   Wed Mar 06, 2013 11:29 pm

*The camera fades backstage
The Prodigy are seen standing in a circle talking to each other
Justin Omega comes forward with the cameraman*

Justin Omega: "umm pardon me guys"

*The Prodigy then turn to Justin*

Justin Omega: "Can we please ask few questions to you Swagger?"

*Swagger D looks to the prodigy then nods at Justin Omega
He then walks up to him
The prodigy turns around and start talking*

Justin Omega: "So we want to know what you guys have planned for your matches tonight"

Swagger D: "Listen, Justin...
We dont tell other people our plan
Specially you people"

*The booing echoes around the stadium*

Swagger D: "If you wanna find out, keep your eyes open when we get out there
Tonight, Alana thinks she is punishing us for last week but we have a little something that will backfire the trap to Alana
or maybe... just maybe...
If we complete this night normally with no attacks tonight then dont think we will be doing the same the next shows
You get away for one night but what about the rest?
You cant keep doing this every single show, can you?
So, Alana I think you are the one that needs some luck now"

Justin Omega: "And also Swagger..."

*Before Justin Omega could finish Swagger D holds his hand up interrupting Justin Omega*

Swagger D: "I talk when I want to...
This interview is over"

*Swagger D then walks away leaving Justin Omega speechless for few seconds*

Justin Omega: "uhh... back to ringside, guys"

*The camera then fades to ringside*
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Unfinished Talk (closed)
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