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 Confrontation (2nd RP)

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Titus Alexius Muttley

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PostSubject: Confrontation (2nd RP)   Fri Mar 08, 2013 5:43 am

GM's Office

*IWA is still in chaotic set up with the sudden changes in IWA Ring, Camera focus it's attention to the sign in front of Alana's Office suddenly camera pans to approaching Alana. She enter her room and the camera focus on her. She close the door and she was surprise with the person behind her door.

She take few steps backward and she attempt to open the door but she was stop by Titus Alexius Muttley. IWA crowd goes wild after seeing the IWA Juggernaut, Alana went to her chair and she press the alert button but no one is responding.

Titus Alexius Muttley takes his sit in a sophisticated couch in GM's office, he make himself comfortable with the office and he grab some coffee for himself. He then walk in front of Alana and he slams the table.*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Hey Alana! I hope I am welcome in this office! I heard there's a lot of trouble in here and you are in the edge of your career as the GM... To be honest Alana... I don't like you! but i despise The Hysteric and the rest of his gang."

Alana Alexandra: "I know that you don't really like me after what happened last week. I guess the suspension for you is not enough to stop you causing trouble in this industry..."

*Alana Alexandra was interrupted by Titus Alexius Muttley*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Yes that is correct! Suspension is not a good idea at all... Alana I am here to get revenge, I will retrieve what is rightful for me. I've decided to cut any relationship with other people that's why... from now on, I will..."

Alana Alexandra: "Listen! You cannot cut any relationship in this industry... I have an idea, I've lined up a match for you"

*Titus Alexius Muttley get excited and he start to change his mood over Alana Alexandra*

Alana Alexandra: "Tonight, I am seeing JLX and The Ratchet against you... of course it will be unfair if you will face them alone, so you'll be teaming up with Ravaging Ron."

Titus Alexius Muttley: "Teaming again, I'm fine with that since it'll be Ron... Who is the other guy?"

Alana Alexandra: "Good question Muttley, He will be your previous mentor... Perry Jenkins! So it will be a 3 on 3 match, The Prodigy versus The Revolution."

*Titus Alexius Muttley was disappointed with the last person to team up with him, He take a deep breathe and he answer the idea of Alana Alexandra*

Titus Alexius Muttley: "What i don't want to team up with Perry Jenkins? What will happen?"

Alana Alexandra: "Then you will not have a chance to beat Ratchet and JLX... Remember they stole the International Championship Belt from you last Ultimate War Games. If i were you Titus, I will grab this opportunity to get even with the people that steal the championship from you"

Titus Alexius Muutley: "You have a good point, I will do this under one condition..."

Alana Alexandra: "Sorry Titus, I cannot give you any special treatment. This is only what we have, Take it or leave it."

*Titus Alexius Muttley is very much disappointed and he punch the door and broke the glasses in the book shelves.*

Titus Alexius Muutley: "Alana! I will do what i want in this industry... I don't work for any boss... I will not do this for you! for Perry! or for Ron! I will do this for myself and for my Puppies... I'll take it... You better call an ambulance... We will need that later for JLX and Ratchet..."

*Titus leaves the room and he violently slams the door making Alana fall on her knees and cry out loud with all the crisis she's experiencing in IWA. Camera fade away and tron sets to black*
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Confrontation (2nd RP)
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