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 End OF Match Sinistahz Vs Kasumi & Mishima

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: End OF Match Sinistahz Vs Kasumi & Mishima   Sat Mar 09, 2013 10:41 pm

* The Sinistahz are standing in the ring, Mr. Mexico's voice is heard in the arena, Sinistahz began to look around the arena*

Mr. Mexico : " Hey dumb and dumber up here"

* Sinistahz look and see Mr. Mexico on the titantron, he is standing in the parking garage of the arena*

Mr. Mexico : " Bet you're wondering what I'm doing out here in the parking garage, well..."

* The camera backs up, and Mexico is standing by two classic cars*

Mr. Mexico : " I'm just admiring these two fine automobliles".

* The Sinisthaz see that Mexico is standing next to their cars*

Mr. Mexico : " But with me being latino, I feel that these cars could use some customizing"

* Mexico produces a bat, the Sinisthaz get a panicked look on their faces*

Mexico : " First these mirrors do nothing for me"

* Mexico smashes them with the bat*

Mexico :" These headlights ugly"

* Mexico smashes them, Mexico walks around the cars, he is about the smash the windows when he hears the sound of a revving engine, he steps back and a tank drives up on the cars*

* In the ring Sinisthaz are livid*

Mexico : " Dude I don't think you can park the there".

* a hatch rises on the tank, Earl emerges wearing an army helmet*

Earl : " Works for me".

* Earl climbs down from the tank*

Earl : " now that we've taken care of business out here, It's time to take care of action in there".

* Earl and Mexico walk to the arena as the camera fades*

Mexico : " Dude where did you get a tank"?

Earl : " I know people".

* the Sinisthaz are still in the ring *

Bulldozer: " You two are going to pay for th..."

* Before bulldozer than finish, Earl's music hits, the Sinisthaz face the stage entrance*.

* Earl and Mexico emerge from the crowd and enter the ring behind Sinisthaz, the crowds reacts, sisisthaz turn and each receive a bat shot to the gut then shots to the back, sinisthaz fall to the mat, Earl and Mexico rain down with bat shots, Earl slides out of the ring looks under the ring and retrieves two tables, earl slides them into the ring, Earl and Mexico beat down sinisthaz, Earl tosses SNecrowse into the corner and delivers knee and fist strikes, as Mexico double stacks the tables, Earl places SNecrowse on the top rope, bulldozer get up and strikes at Mexico, Mexico bounces Bulldozer head of the tables, then strikes Bulldozer with the bat, knocking bulldozer down, Earl climbs the ropes, Earl places his feet on the top rope, he hooks SNecrowse and superplexes, SNcrowse through the double stacked tables, Earl picks up Bulldozer and delivers an air raid siren, Mexico retrieves two chairs from ringside, and enters the ring, Mexico and Earl wait for Bulldozer to rise up, they swing the chairs connecting with Bulldozers skull with a con-chair-to, Bulldozer drops to the mat, Mexico and Earl unfold the chairs, Mexico gets two mics, Earl and Mexico take a seat*

Mexico : " These tag teams never learn what happens when you try to make a name for themselves at our expense".

Earl : " We've said this a million times, when you piss off the Mexican Hurricanes, Bad things happen to you, and these two idiots, just felt the destructive force of the Mexican Hurricanes".

* Medical officials arrive to tend to Sinisthaz as Earl and Mexico exit through the crowd.*
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End OF Match Sinistahz Vs Kasumi & Mishima
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