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 Stewson Talks chamber and other stuff

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PostSubject: Stewson Talks chamber and other stuff   Sat Mar 09, 2013 11:06 pm

* Sarah Lane is standing in the interview area*

Sarah : " I'm here with Stewson, tonight you face Cameron Needs in a chamber match qualifier"

Stewson : " That's right Miss Lane, tonight my rise to top of the IWA continues tonight".

Sarah: " You have stirred quite a bit of controversy form you're match two weeks ago"

Stewson : " Controversy Miss Lane, I don't you are talking about"

Sarah : " About the fact that you dropped you're opponent on their head, and injuring them"

Stewson " Miss Lane when you step in the ring, you accept the risks, injuries happen, it isn't my fault that they put a women in the ring with me, what did they expect huh for me to take it easy on her, as for dropping her on her head, that was my finishing move, it's not my fault if she was too fragile to take the impact, those things happen".

Sarah: " You're not seeming to show any remorse"

Stewson : " Remorse is a word I am unfamiliar with, when you step into the ring with me expect to get hurt"

Sarah : " So you're not sorry"

Stewson ( Laughs): " sorry no I'm not sorry, and tonight when Cameron Needs steps into the ring with me The Most Dangerous Man Alive, Cameron is going to need an ambulance, this interview is done"

*Stewson leaves the interview area*
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Stewson Talks chamber and other stuff
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