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 The World Champ addresses the IWA Universe.

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PostSubject: The World Champ addresses the IWA Universe.   Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:14 pm

*The cameras are panning through the crowd as it stops on the titontron. The crowd cheer as the IWA World Heavyweight Champion appears on screen. He is sitting down on a couch as the cameras pan out and it reveals that it is a pretaped recording from his house shot earlier in the day*

Romulus: "Last week...."

*He pauses as he shakes his head*

Romulus: "Last week I was forced to take on my part time manager and friend Mercury in a match that should not have happened in the first place. All week people have said to me though, Romulus.... why didnt you just let him walk away.... Romulus, why didnt you take it easy on him.... Romulus, he is supposed to be your friend.... Romulus, whats the deal with Venus..... why did she do what she did?"

*Again he pauses and shakes his head. He is visibly upset at the situation*

Romulus: "When the whole Pick your Poison thing came up i guess i underestimated Kid A yet again. He deffinately got one over me on that. Now.... i could have let Mercury walk away and just climb the ladder and get the easy win.... but thats not me. See.... i could have gone easy on him.... put on a "show" for the crowd and pick myself up an easy win.... but thats not me. Fighting Mercury was the last thing on my mind when the Pick your Poison thing came up.... but im not a fake. Im not a fraud. When i step into that ring every Saturday night, I give 110%.... and if i didnt, then i wouldnt deserve the IWA World Heavyweight Championship title.... and i sure as hell wouldnt deserve the respect that comes with it."

*He puts his hands together in front of his face with his thumbs resting under his chin. He thinks for a moment and then continues*

Romulus: "Did i want to do what i did? No! Did i intend for what happened to happen? No! Am i sorry for what i did? Well to be honest with you.... a little bit yes.... but a little bit no. Now i am sorry that it happened to be Mercury i was facing.... but im not sorry that i came out there and treated him the same as i would any other wrestler. Mercury has been my taining partner since we wre teenagers. Its not like he has never wrestled before.... to be fair, he might not look the part, but he could easily beat half the IWA locker room.... so when we stepped in that ring.... thats why i stopped him from leaving. Admittedly looking back now, i sort of wish i did let him go.... but thats all hindsight now and i cant change the past. As for Venus.... well she claims that she was doing it for me.... but that is unacceptable. I did not ask for, nor did i want her to interfere in the match. Now with all thats happened, at his request, I have allowed Mercury to return back to Italy. I have also released Minerva and Venus from my services and they have also returned to Italy and shall not be returning to IWA. Both ladies have caued me enough trouble in recent weeks and i will not allow this title or my name to be dragged through the mud over their actions. Now im sorry i couldnt be there tonight, but after last week, i just needed to get my head sorted before i returned to IWA next week."

*He leans in closer towards the camera as the cheers from the crowd at the arena can be heard*

Romulus: "And Kid A.... well played. Like i said, you won that battle.... but the war isnt over yet."

*Romulus leans back again as the cameras fade out from the titon tron as the clips ends*
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The World Champ addresses the IWA Universe.
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