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 Stewson speaks his mind.

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Stewson speaks his mind.   Sun Mar 17, 2013 2:11 am

*Sarah Lane is the interview area as Stewson enters*

Sarah: "Tonight here a Thirst For Power you enter the elimination chamber against five of the Iwa" s best, what is you're strategy for the match?"

Stewson: "First of all let's address my qualifier match, and the fact that the IWA had me wrestle some drunken idiot, where does the IWA find these people, Oh right, our GM hired this dumbass at some bar, a bar where she was probably working at".

Sarah: "Alana has never worked at a bar in her life, so that is not how the guy got his job here".

Stewson: "You are so naive Sarah, Alana took this guy to a backroom at the bar and he became a paying customer, and I'm sure you know what I mean"

Sarah: "Alana is a successful business woman"

Stewson: "And we all know what her business is now don't we".

Sarah: "How dare you say that about her"

Stewson: "Oh did I touch a nerve, Miss Lane, and as for my strategy for the the chamber match, first I am going to cripple Cameron Needs, then I will systematically defeat the other wrestler's in the chamber, and prove why I'm the most dangerous man alive, then I will go to the back and watch as The Prodigy decimates team Alana, and frees the Iwa of the constant incompetence and stupidity of our current Gm, When Matt takes over the office of GM, Alana can go back to the bar and charge 5 dollars an hour for her services".

Sarah: "You're a real (censored) you know that".

Stewson: "Why thank-you"

*Sarah shakes her head in disgust as Stewson walks away*
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Stewson speaks his mind.
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