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 A one season waited opportunity

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: A one season waited opportunity   Thu Mar 21, 2013 4:45 pm

*In the backstage area, we see Justin Omega standing next to El Boaro, right in front of a "Thirst for Power" poster.*

Justin: "Ladies and Gentleman, as you all have heard at the very beginning of the show, our General Manager made a huge announcement regarding our forthcoming PPV. El Boaro, this new match our GM just made, involves you directly. You finally had the chance to take your retribution on The Hysteric, and with the International Championship on the line!!

El Boaro: "That's right Jason, i finally have the opportunity to challenge The Hysteric. He's not onlly the champion, he's the leader of The Prodigy, the group of perros that take me out at UWG, right after I won this number one contendership. I would have loved to help my team mates of the Revolution in that huge Elimination Chamber main event, but Alana gave me this chance, and I'm gonna take it."

Justin: "Actually you have the point. With that decision, she took Hysteric out of that match, but she also took out you. You seem to be in a great shape recently and maybe Revolution would need your skills

El Boaro: "Yes, I've scored a huge victory last week, in a spectacular Lucha Libre Battle Royal. But Revolution is a group made of wonderful athletes, we have the Global Tag Team Champions, the Mexican Hurricanes. Then two great competitors, two of the strongest guys in IWA Titus Alexius Muttley and Ravaging Ron.. And of course, the former Extreme Division Champion, Perry Jenkins... I think we have still have good chances to win that match!

Justin: "And what about your chances? Are you confident to come out from the PPV as the new International Championship?

El Boaro: "I'm used to be considered the underdog, I've made my career out of it. Since day one in IWA, I've been underrated, but I've proven everybody wrong. The Hysteric may be more experienced, but tonight it's more than a match. Next week, pride and honor are at stake, I'm fighting as I am still in the chamber, last man standing with The Hysteric, and IWA's fate is in my hands. I will give all my heart, I will go through pain, I will fight as if there's no tomorrow. I know it's hard to believe in me defeating The Hysteric, but I've proven before, and I will prove it also at Thirst for Power that I'M BELIEVABLE

*With that said, El Boaro walks away, leaving Justin Omega alone.*

Justin: "That was a really focused El Boaro, one week before the greatest match of his career. Back to you guys!"

*We go back to the ringside*
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PostSubject: Re: A one season waited opportunity   Thu Mar 21, 2013 5:16 pm

lol you called him Jason at first
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A one season waited opportunity
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