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 Perry and The Rave come face-to-face

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Perry and The Rave come face-to-face   Fri Mar 22, 2013 5:24 pm

Camera fades to Perry talk to Alana in her office

Alana: "I can't really thank you again for you and the other guys being on team Alana and standing up to those creeps!"

Perry Jenkins: "Its no big deal! You've had to put up with me for the past few seasons, I owe you. Plus there is no way I'm letting The Prodigy run IWA. They would run this place into the ground!

Perry & Alana share a laugh
All of a sudden someone knocks on the door

Alana: "Come in!"

The Rave walks in as he is surprised to see Perry Jenkins

The Rave: "Well, well, well...Perry Jenkins! I didnt recognize you with that title around your waist."

Perry Jenkins: "And I didnt recognize you with a broken announce table under you!"

Perry winks at The Rave
The Rave gets into Perry's face

The Rave: "You better get serious! Because tonight im gunna smack that smerk right off your face! You may have fooled the fans into thinking your a "super hero" all of a sudden. But I see right threw you Perry, Tonight I will redeem myself and once and for all show these people why I am better than you!"

Perry puts his hand on The Rave's shoulder

Perry Jenkins: "For your sake, I hope you can back those words up because after tonight I will send you packing back home where you belong!

Perry walks out of the office
Camera fades

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Perry and The Rave come face-to-face
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