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 Stipulation Set

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PostSubject: Stipulation Set   Sun Mar 24, 2013 11:33 am

*Sarah Lane is waiting backstage.*

Sarah Lane: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time it is the number one contender for the Unified championship, Enigmatic Savior.

*Enigmatic Savior comes into view and has a smile on his face.*

Sarah Lane: Two weeks ago, you defeated Bford in a beat the clock challenge and have set the stipulation for tonights match which will be a handicap ladder match. Will we meet your partner now?

*Enigmatic Savior licks his lips and looks at Sarah.*

Enigmatic Savior: First of all, I apologise for not being on the show last week, I was visiting an old friend. But I'm back and I have to ask who said that was what I decided?

*Sarah Lane looks slightly confused.*

Sarah Lane: Ummm, you did?

Enigmatic Savior: I know what I said but did you really think that was my decision. No, tonight it will be Bford defending his Unified title against me in a....

*Enigmatic Savior pauses to savour the moment.*

Enigmatic Savior: In a ultimate submission match.

Sarah Lane: An ultimate submission match but...

*Enigmatic Savior smiles and takes the microphone from Sarah.*

Enigmatic Savior: I didn't say that was all. Now this match needs a special referee. But before I announce the referee I will give them the guidelines that this special referee will have to follow. If he screws me in any way, whether it is a bad call or he does it intenionally then Bford will lose the championship and will have his contract terminated with immediate effect.

Sarah Lane: What? You're really stacking the deck against Bford here.

*Enigmatic Savior smiles and is about to walk away.*

Sarah Lane: Wait, who's the special referee?

*Enigmatic Savior stops and looks directly into the camera.*

Enigmatic Savior: Nearly forgot, the special referee is someone who I have a past with. The special referee will be none other than Nick 'C4' Ford. Now has that for a referee?

*Enigmatic Savior smiles and laughs and leaves Sarah Lane looking shocked.*

Sarah Lane: Umm, yeah back to you guys.

*The camera returns to the announce table.*

Rhys Trebian: Now that's a match!
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Stipulation Set
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