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 Golden chance (closed)

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PostSubject: Golden chance (closed)   Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:53 pm

*Unstoppable by Tobymac hits across the arena. The crowd starts booing holding up their thumbs down. Swagger D walks down to the stage with a microphone. He then holds the microphone by his mouth*

Swagger D: "Cut the music"

*Swagger D motions his left hand around his neck signaling at the camera. In few seconds, the music slowly fades down. The crowd now boos as the arena quiets down without the music*

Swagger D: "I am not out here to listen to all of your baby tears"

*The crowd continues booing as Swagger D pauses*

Swagger D: "Tonight is a big night for every single member of the IWA universe. Tonight, a path of IWA's future will be chosen. Tonight is a golden night. and with me in this pay per view's poster, its even better!"

*Swagger D smiles at the camera*

Swagger D: "Take a look at that fine art right there"

*Swagger D points at the titan tron as the pay per view picture fades in*

Swagger D: "That poster right there is the start of IWA's future to extreme success. and not only that, I deserved to be in the pay per view poster. Nobody else in the back other than me deserves this more. Since my first season, I have increased the rating of the show. The show ratings arent up high because of the italian freak, Romulus! Its not up high because of that crazy guy, Kid A. Its definitely not high because of that hundred named 24/7 seawater ugly animal, Bford!"

*The arena is filled with booing now*

Swagger D: "After tonight, we are gonna create history. So what, if Hysteric's no more in the match? That does not mean our chances of winning has dropped. That does not change the fact that we have been dominant and we are still dominant. We are the same five that have decimated those other five that are backstage right now. This is one golden chance. and guess what losers? Prodigy does not go easy for gold"

*Swagger D drops the microphone leaving the arena with chatters. He takes few steps back. Unstoppable by Tobymac plays across the arena. He then turns around and leaves*
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Golden chance (closed)
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