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 Pre-Chamber Interview with "The Great" Logan Acid

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Logan Acid

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PostSubject: Pre-Chamber Interview with "The Great" Logan Acid   Tue Mar 26, 2013 11:12 pm

*The camera shifts to the backstage area where interviewer Sarah Lane is shown holding a microphone to her lips*

Sarah Lane: "Hello, IWA Universe, I am Sarah Lane and my guest at this time will be participating in tonight's Elimination Chamber match, he calls himself "The Best Wrestler on the Planet", "The Great" Logan Acid!"

*Logan Acid strolls into view with the FWE World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder in his black/white, MMA themed ring gear while being accompanied by his manager Mick Malone*

Sarah Lane: "Logan, tonight you will be facing 5 other men in the demonic structure known as the Elimination Chamber, what are your thoughts on this and do you have a strategy?"

*Sarah Lane raises the microphone to Logan Acid's lips*

Logan Acid: "What are my thoughts on this? My thoughts are simple: enter the chamber, go through anyone that gets in my way, and simply win. Every participant in the chamber thinks they're gonna win, but I KNOW i'm gonna win, I have the most experience, I have a legendary manager, and I have a dangerous drive to win. This means, I will do ANYTHING to win: end careers, break necks, shatter ankles, choke throats, ANYTHING. This match will be one of the most brutal matches in wrestling history which means I will go into this chamber and show absolutely NO MERCY! So, if anyone in that chamber thinks they're gonna win, that's just laughable because they are not The Best Wrestler on the Planet, they are not The Most Feared Submissionist in Professional Wrestling, they are not "The Great" Logan Acid, they are simply NOT ME! Now, I would wish those men luck, but the truth is I hope every man in that chamber is as unlucky as possible."

*Logan Acid smirks at Sarah Lane before exiting the scene with his manager Mick Malone*
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Pre-Chamber Interview with "The Great" Logan Acid
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