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 King of the Mountain

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PostSubject: King of the Mountain   Thu Mar 28, 2013 2:26 pm

*We cut to the parking lot where Kid and Baby's RV is carelessly parked in two spots and they are up on the roof. Kid is staring at the old TV hoisted up there this time and Baby is in front of it looking at the arena.*

Kid A: "What the heck are these guys gettin so riled up about?"

Baby B: "What guys?"

Kid A: "These groups of guys in there... that was some rumble last week. And they're all braggin' about nothin and bein' all touchy feely with each other."

Baby B: "Those are the guys fighting for power tonight, after your match?"

Kid A: "After?"

Baby B: "Yeah. But it'll suit us."

Kid A: "How? I'm playin' second fiddle to a bunch of clowns. Don't they know that no matter who's in power it'll just be the same as always? Someone gets screwed in the end."

*Baby turns around and gets in between Kid and the TV.*

Baby B: "Hmm it's annoying how people don't see your worth, huh?"

*This sarcastic comment finally gets his attention and he looks up at her*

Baby B: "All I'm saying that after you win the title, you'll have the luxury of settling down and watching the outcome. It's pointless, I agree, but it'll be safe to see how it all plays out. We've done everything to get you here tonight and now you're going to win the big one. The boss still has to respect that. What did 'Pa say was the only power in this world?"

Kid A: "Don't be talkin' aboout him."

Baby B: "What was it?"

Kid A: "Strength."

Baby B: "That's right. That's the only thing that's going to matter after tonight. Those guys have caused a rift in IWA and the only thing that holds it together in the end is the champion. They'll be playing around in the dirt while you stand on top of the mountain as the Champ. That's the only title that matters. You're going to be the champion cause we've crushed Romulus's heart. People like him look down on people like us. After tonight, though, you're going to be the man with the real power."

Kid A: "Won't it get annoyin' in the end?"

Baby B: "Well just think about how you've climbed your way to here. Romulus has put down all of the threats to his title so far and that will be what you do when you beat him. The only difference is gonna be that there's all these little factions around. That's the burden of the title but you can handle it."

Kid A: "Okay but let's focus on that when we get there. Tonight I'll beat Romulus's pompous butt. Become Champion."

Baby B: "Yeah. You're as prepared as you can be. He's been here too long and at the top too long. We know his moves just like everyone knows his moves. You're going to be unpredictable. More importantly: He's alone and we're together. I know you usually restrain yourself but tonight I want you to go a little off the rails."

Kid A: "Heh. Will it be safe?"

Baby B: "It doesn't matter. I want you to crush him. It'll show everyone why you deserved that title all along and it'll set the example for what they'll be up against. I want you seeing red."

Kid A: "That'll be no problem... we're finally gonna get there, huh?"

Baby B: "Kid, we've already arrived. Now it's up to you to show we belong."
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King of the Mountain
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