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 Memorable agreement

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PostSubject: Memorable agreement   Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:41 pm

*The camera shows the door of the new GM Matt Lebleux. The door is slightly open and Enigmatic Savior can be seen talking to Matt Lebleux.*

Enigmatic Savior: "So it's agreed, I get to do it tonight?"

*Matt Lebleux nods his head as Enigmatic Savior gets up and shakes his hand.*

Enigmatic Savior: "Thank you, tonight is going to be memorable"

*Enigmatic Savior smiles and leaves the office and notices the camera.*

Enigmatic Savior: "What the hell are you looking at?"

*Enigmatic Savior pushes the camera out of his way and walks away. The camera pans back to the commentary team.*

Ken Comaro: "What the hell was Enigmatic Savior talking to our new GM about?"

Rhys Trebian: "Honestly Ken, why don't you just wait and see what happens?"
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Memorable agreement
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