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 Stewson Interview

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Stewson Interview   Wed Apr 03, 2013 12:08 pm

*Sarah Lane is standing in the interview area, she see's Stewson approaching*

Sarah: "I know it's my job but I really don't want to interview him"

*Stewson steps into the interview area with a big smile on his face*

Sarah: "Why are you so happy?"

Stewson: "Isn't it just a great day Sarah, finally we have gm worthy of the office"

Sarah: "Can we just get this over with"

Stewson: "why are you so angry, sarah lose you're meal ticket?"

Sarah: "I hate you"

*Stewson smiles*

Stewson: "Thank you, it's such a great day to be a bad guy"

Sarah: "whatever, anyways what are you're goals for this season?"

Stewson: "well look it that you are capable of asking an intelligent question, my goal is this i want the unified termination championship"

Sarah: "There seems to be some dispute over that champion"

Stewson: "DUH hello I know that that is why i am challenging whoever the champion is, either savior or the most babied champion ever, bford"

Sarah: "Babied really, His has been a great champion"

Stewson: "Give me a break Savior , has this guy screaming worst than a girl at a beiber concert and his daddy saved him".

Sarah: "It just hit me you don't have a match tonight"

Stewson: "yes so some jobber doesn't get their career ended tonight, courtesy of the most dangerous man alive"

*Stewson leaves the interview area*

Sarah: "Thank god that's over"

*The camera fades out*
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Stewson Interview
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