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 Request Granted (closed)

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PostSubject: Request Granted (closed)   Wed Apr 03, 2013 7:49 pm

*The camera fades backstage to the general manager's office. Matt Lebleux is seen standing in front of his table. A staff is seen talking to him as Matt Lebleux nods to him*

Matt Lebleux: "I don't care... I just need it done by tonight, okay?"

Staff: "No problem, sir!"

*Matt Lebleux nods at the staff as he walks out of the room. As soon as he leaves, Swagger D enters and walks to Matt Lebleux. Matt Lebleux notices him*

Matt Lebleux: "Hey. There's my man!"

*Swagger D talks with no expression*

Swagger D: "You called me?"

Matt Lebleux: "Yea I did"

Swagger D: "Alright whats up?"

*Matt Lebleux prentends as if he is thinking something*

Matt Lebleux: "Well since I'm incharge now looks like I still have to keep this place well"

*Matt Lebleux continues as Swagger D does not look like he is going to reply*

Matt Lebleux: "Need to get the ratings up. this show has changed a lot since I left, huh? So here's what I want you to do, We have a main event non-title match tonight, Kid A against Romulus and I don't want any interference. So I am sending you ringside for commentary at your request"

*A smile fades in Swagger D's face behind the mask*

Swagger D: "Now thats what I'm talkin bout! Don't worry bout the match. I got it"

Matt Lebleux: "Perfect"

*The camera then fades away*
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Request Granted (closed)
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