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 Hell's Final Demon Speaks

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PostSubject: Hell's Final Demon Speaks   Sun Apr 07, 2013 12:56 am

*The lights in the arena go out and a loud boom is heard as lightning strikes the stage and it is immediately engulfed in flames. Loud ominous music plays as a few of the lights come back on with a dim setting while the rest beam gleaming red auras around the arena. The flames die down and a cloaked figure with his head down can be seen standing still on the stage. The fans look on as the hooded figure lifts his face revealing his identity with an evil grin*

Rhys Trebian: "Its Chaos Dimention, The monster that buried The Hysteric at Thirst for Power."

Ken Comaro: "Right you are Ken and by the looks of it he seems like he is ready to address the IWA Universe, we've been waiting for this moment for quite some time now tonight and here it is."

*Chaos Dimention walks slowly to the ring as he robe drags on the floor, he talks in a low voice under his breath to himself as he looks about angrily at all the screaming fans. He enters the ring going over the top rope and reveals a mic in his hand under his cloaked sleeve. He brings it to his mouth and waits as his ominous music fades. He speaks into the mic with a devilish hissing voice*

Chaos Dimention: "For far too long an unworthy evil has reigned supreme over the lands of The IWA... for far too long this evil has corrupted the minds of all you lamb, all of you ignorant cattle awaiting the slaughter of Abalam's will..."

*Chaos Dimention takes a breath and looks evily out to everyone who look back confused*

Chaos Dimention: "There is but one true evil in this world and one true evil to reign supreme, Abalam, spiritual possessor of the humanoid kind, the pure transferred demonic energy of none other than Lucifer himself!"

*The fans jump as he roars out and the lights flicker. Ken and Rhys exchange weary glances before looking back to the ring*

Chaos Dimention: "I am but the sword in The Devil's hand sent to decapitate and dismember each and every man, woman & child who opposes his will.... I am Hell's Final Demon."

*The lights flash and Chaos Dimention is gone from the ring. A group of fans jump in the nosebleed section as Chaos Dimention stands amongst them*

Chaos Dimention: "Your misguided Hysteric you see was a reaper of The Fallen One as was I, but he had forgotten his place!"

Ken Comaro: "I can't believe what I'm hearing right now, is he actually insinuati-"

*Ken Comaro's commentary is cut short as the lights flash and The Hooded Chaos Dimention appears in front of his announcers table with an angry glare. Ken stands up and backs away as Chaos Dimention walks forward*

Ken Comaro: "Pl-Please..."

*Ken Comaro pleads as he drops to his knees and closes his eyes. The lights flash and Chaos Dimention is back in the ring. Ken Comaro opens his eyes and looks around frightened and embarrassed as he slowly takes his seat not taking his stare from Chaos Dimention*

Chaos Dimention: "Feast your eyes Mortals!"

*Chaos Dimention looks to the tron and it lights up with a recap of the ending of the 3 stages of Hell match at Thirst for Power. Chaos Dimention is shown delivering the Abalam Chokeslam sending The Hysteric into the grave and pointing to the dump truck as his eyes roll to the back of his head and lightning hits the dump truck and causes it to tilt the dump pouring the great amount of dirt down into the grave and burying The Hysteric alive. The image freezes with The Hysteric buried and Chaos Dimention standing with glowing eyes with his arms pointed at the truck. Chaos Dimention looks up at the screen and it fades away*

Chaos Dimention: "This was not my first encounter with the one you fools call The Hysteric, there was a time.. when he was but a young pure, unguided naive soul. A soul ready to be reaped and harvested by The Fallen Angel, Abalam."

*The tron then flashes again and a new video plays, one of the Termination Title Match at IWA's very first PPV, War Games I. The video plays and The Hysteric is put into the coffin by The Depraved Giant and the bell rings signaling TDG's victory. Suddenly the lights go dim and a cloaked figure comes down the ramp with ominous music in the video and walks down holding a gas tank in one hand and a lit torch in the other. The cloaked figure pours gasoline over the coffin dousing it in flammable liquids as the War Games I crowd looks on mortified. The cloaked figure then leans the torch down to the coffin igniting in into wild flames of dismay as the coffin slowly burns. The light from the fire reflects off of the cloaked figure revealing a glimpse of a twisted soul, the face of Chaos Dimention is frozen on the tron as the fans gasp*

Chaos Dimention: "Demon's are gods who fell from above and The Hysteric, by the will of Lucifer, had become a soldier of the once fallen angel, Abalam."

*The fans in the arena look on shocked as Chaos Dimention grins evily*

Chaos Dimention: "For 5 seasons I have lay dormant in my casket under this very ring listening to the commands of my God and the complaints of the people, now I have awoken and I come to unleash Abalam's commands bearing his will and I will execute it flawlessly and ruthlessly for those who oppose it."

*The fans boo loudly*

Chaos Dimention: "T...D....G.... You have reigned as IWA's monster for too long, for too long these people and those backstage have cowered in fear of your presence, fake unworthy fear!"

*The fans boo loudly as the lights flicker and Chaos Dimention points to the tron. The tron lights up with a new video of The Depraved Giant being pulled away from the arena into the darkness with a large chain wrapped around his throat by Chaos Dimention*

Chaos Dimention: "You... will service Abalam very well after you accept him into your soul and let true evil flow through your veins with a high more powerful than the greatest drug... but until then, you will remain a slave to the depths of Lucifer's will."

*The tron lights up and a weary TDG can be seen kneeling on a cold concrete floor in a dark damp room with shackles around his wrists connected by heavy chains bolted into a concrete wall. Loud drips of water can be heard dripping echoing around the room as TDG looks up at the camera and lunges hard at the camera roaring as he flexes all the muscles in his body pulling at the chains angrily*

TDG: "I will find you Chaoooooooooss!!! ROAAAAAAARRRRRR!!!"

*The tron cuts to black and Chaos Dimention smiles wickedly*

Chaos Dimention: "Unworthy fear, hollow threats and spineless actions. I fear you not Giant, you are but a putty to my molding. A small piece to the master plan..."

*Chaos Dimention's eyes begin to roll to the back of his head and he slowly hovers a few inches off the ground as the fans look on shocked as Ken Comaro and Rhys Trebian exchange weary glances*

Chaos Dimention: "He calls..."

*The lights flash and Chaos Dimention vanishes into thin air as the fans gasp and look around searching for him as the show fades away*

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Hell's Final Demon Speaks
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