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 Drop the curtain

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PostSubject: Drop the curtain   Fri Apr 12, 2013 8:59 am

[parking lot]

*A security camera spots some movement of a shadow on a small strip of light. A shadow grows bigger and bigger until it's owner appears in the frame. But as soon as he enters the camera starts twinkling after what it dies out at all. The action is intercepted by another camera which follows the man from his nape showing only the back of the leather jacket. The man comes to a barrel and rises his hands holding a can of gasoline. He pours it into the barrel and set it on fire with a lighter. After that he stirs his hands to his head and do some moves as if he takes something off. Then he looks at it. The camera moves closer and looks over his shoulder. The man holds a clown mask with the empty eyes and the senseless inhuman smile. The crowd understand who this man is. They start cheering. The man throws the mask in the fire. It melts slowly, the last detail to melt is the senseless inhuman smile. The camera fades to black.*
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Drop the curtain
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