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 Roots: Hunting Season

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PostSubject: Roots: Hunting Season   Sat Apr 13, 2013 3:57 pm

((Can this be placed as close to the begining as possible?))

*We cut to a pre-taped segment set a week or so after Thirst for Power. There is a small hut constructed on top of an icy cliff overlooking the Arctic Ocean. There is white smoke coming out of the opening on the top. Kid A squats at the edge of the cliff looking out into the wavy ocean. He is wearing a thick fur coat and gloves but his hood is down. His hair and beard flap in the wind wildly and he is dead serious as he holds a metal harpoon in his hand. Another figure comes out of hut covered head to toe in a similar tan fur coat. It takes the hood off and we see it's Baby B. Her face is decorated with a pattern of red lines and dots and she is wearing some type of headpiece made of bones, beads and long strands of fur. She stands behind him and takes a drink from a leather pouch.*

Baby: "Do you know what we're stepping into, Kid?"

Kid A: "I am prepared for anythin'."

Baby: "Well this is gonna be real different for us. We finally reached the top of the world. There's nothing else to do but look down. You know what we're going to see? Everyone trying to claw their way up to bring you down. The conflicts are over and they are running out of targets so some eyes are going to be on you. But I doubt any of them are as hungry as we were. As rejects. Do you remember how it was?"

Kid A: "When we were scrubbin' around, just gettin' by? Yeah I remember."

Baby: "Good. Never forget what that was like. It is important now, especially because you are the Champion. You will keep this same spirit inside you but know that things are different."

*She walks over in front of him and hands him the pouch. He stabs the harpoon into the ground and takes a sloppy drink. Some of the stuff pours down his chin staining his beard red. She jabs him in the chest with her finger and starts pacing back and forth in front of him.*

Baby: "You are now the prey. The great white whale. They are gonna come at you to prove a point, show their worth, and display their power. What are you going to do when you're backed into a corner? Are you going to cower and give up?"

Kid A: "I will strike back!"

Baby: "What are you gonna do when the odds are against us?"

Kid A: "Isolate and destroy!"

Baby: "How do the hunted survive?"

Kid A: "By outlastin' 'em."

*Baby B nods in approval and Kid A takes another long swig from the pouch, staining the lower half of his face with more red. He stumbles in place and shakes his head a bit as the drink starts to take effect. Baby B puts a hand on his shoulder and he squats down again.*

Baby: "We have a name to protect and a lot to live up to, now. Finish up the ritual here and I'll see you in the morning. Our journey back will start soon. It's gonna be the hunting season, big brother. It'll be fun to see things from the other side..."

*Kid A returns the comment with an almost deranged laugh and Baby B goes back into the hut as we zoom out and away.*
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Roots: Hunting Season
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