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 Take the pin out (open to Bobby Gruesome)

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PostSubject: Take the pin out (open to Bobby Gruesome)   Sun Apr 14, 2013 6:05 pm

*Unstoppable by Tobymac hits across the arena. The camera switches to the stage view. Swagger D slowly walks down with a microphone. The crowd starts booing. He continues walking to the ring waving off the crowd's hatred. He then slides in the ring and looks around. The music slowly fades out. Swagger D holds his microphone by his mouth*

Swagger D: "You people never change no matter where we go"

*The crowd boos heavily this time*

Swagger D: "You know what, I am gonna ignore you all and do what I came here to do"

*Swagger D pauses and waits for the crowd to quiet down*

Swagger D: "So, since the prodigy beat the revolution at Thirst for Power, we have noticed a tiny pin stuck at our back. And that pin is Bobby Gruesome! I think he regrets losing his power and position in this company but we don't feel sorry for him at all. Over the last season and after the pay per view, he has been acting as if he still runs this company. He acts as if he is the best superstar there ever was, which some people like to point out"

*Swagger D lowers his microphone and looks at Rhys Trebian*

Rhys Trebian: "Well it is kind of true"

*Swagger D then ignores Rhys and looks back at the crowd and holds his microphone by his mouth again*

Swagger D: "Anyways, Tonight I will show you why I was able to beat Team Alana at Thirst for Power. But first, I think you should take a look at this"

*Swagger D points at the titan tron as a twitter conversation screenshot appears*

*He then looks back at the crowd and starts talking as the screenshot stays on the screen*

Swagger D: "Now, that is something we all should be ashamed of. Bobby Gruesome should be embarrased by that action. I am the best there is, and there can only be one best. So before Swagger D vs Bobby Gruesome match happens, how about you come down and explain yourself Mr. Tough Guy Wanna-be?"

*Swagger D lowers his microphone and waits. The picture on the titan tron fades away*

OOC: This will go right before our match.
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Bobby Gruesome

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PostSubject: Re: Take the pin out (open to Bobby Gruesome)   Fri Apr 26, 2013 12:56 am

*The Offspring- Rise and Fall starts playing through the arena's loudspeakers as Bobby Gruesome walks out in his wrestling attire, he has a microphone in his hand and a smug expression on his face*

Bobby Gruesome: "Well, Well, Well. It looks like someone in the Prodigy actually has enough balls to call me out, its taken a while"

*Bobby walks down the ramp until he gets to the base of the ring where he stops*

Bobby Gruesome: "Apparently I'm a pin in the backside of the Prodigy, and apparently I regret losing my unmatched Power here in IWA, well to that, I say you're wrong and you're right. I will admit I do regret not being in control of the company I made great, I do regret the fact that because I'm no longer in control the way I used to be that I'm unable to fire people on the spot anymore, but that is where my agreement with your statement ends."

*Bobby climbs up onto the ring apron but doesn't get in the ring*

Bobby Gruesome: "You see Swagger I disagree with your statement, I disagree with it because I'm not just the Pin in the Prodigy's backside, I am its reckoning, I am its destruction, and my path of destruction starts tonight!"

*Bobby drops his microphone and steps inside the ring*


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PostSubject: Re: Take the pin out (open to Bobby Gruesome)   Sat Apr 27, 2013 11:44 am

*Swagger D gives Bobby a smirk and takes off his shirt*
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PostSubject: Re: Take the pin out (open to Bobby Gruesome)   

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Take the pin out (open to Bobby Gruesome)
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