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 Lightning wont strike twice (Open to Hysteric)

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PostSubject: Lightning wont strike twice (Open to Hysteric)   Mon Apr 29, 2013 4:33 pm

*Fight by The Dirty Youth hits across the arena. The camera slides through the ramp straight to the stage. Thick smoke starts spreading around the stage. Daniel Johnson comes through the smoke. He is wearing a sleveless sweatshirt with replica pants under. He takes off his hood and continues walking from the stage to the center of the ramp. He then stops at the center of the ramp and goes on his knees looking down. He then suddenly lifts his fist and head up as the fireworks start blasting at the stage and blue sparks start falling down. Daniel Johnson then gets up and slides in the ring beneath the bottom rope. He walks to the ropes and asks for a microphone from Autumn. After getting the microphone he walks to the center of the ring. He then looks around at the booing crowd. He ignores their booing and holds the microphone by his mouth*

Daniel Johnson: "You don't get it, do you?"

*With a little pause, he continues again*

Daniel Johnson: "My actions last week was nothing compared to what Romulus did to me on 10th November, 2012. You might have forgotten that night but I remember every single thing from that night and especially my match with Romulus for the World title. Here's the clip from that night"

*A clip is being played on the titan tron. A small screen of the titan tron is shown at the side. The text at the bottom says "November 10, 2012". The clip shows Daniel Johnson on the top of the ladder and Romulus lying down on the table. As soon as Daniel Johnson jumps from the ladder, Romulus moves away causing Daniel to crash into the table hard. Then it shows the referee stopping the match since Daniel Johnson can no longer go on because of the injury. The clip ends and the camera fades back to the ring*

Daniel Johnson: "That moment right there was one of the worst pain I've ever had. Later on that night, I managed to keep the doctor's mouth shut and talked about my career end. After that day, the revenge was boiling in my head. Last week, not a single second, I felt sorry for Romulus. I enjoyed every single second of that beating. But I am not done there. Every single blood Romulus spills in front of me will be a piece of revenge. I will have no mercy. I will not weaken out. The past 5 months, I have been training to this stage for this very moment. I have accomplished perfection. No more bragging rights. Its all down to revenge"

*Daniel Johnson lowers his microphone*

OOC: Take it from here Hysteric. This might be the second segment in show after the opening segment and you can announce the KOTR tourny match here and if possible you can add a last blood match stipulation to me vs Romulus match. thnx Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Lightning wont strike twice (Open to Hysteric)   Sun May 05, 2013 12:51 pm

*Suddenly Unstoppable by TobyMac hits and Matt Lebleux with a serious face makes his way out onto the ramp. He walks slowly to the ring to a series of many boo's and slanders. He ignores the fans as he enters the ring slowly smiling cockily. Matt raises his mic after a long pause and speaks loudly*

Matt Lebleux: "Let me start by saying, what happened to you Daniel was unacceptable, that is the kind of thing that is allowed and expected when a million dollar company is taken over by a certain ball-less General Manager by the name of Alana Alexandra. I would never allow something of that sort to take place effecting one of my best Superstars."

*The fans boo loudly*

Matt Lebleux: "And I may not be able to offer you an apology or even an explanation as to why that was allowed to take place but I can do you one better... I can offer you a chance to rewrite history, to right the wrongs that were cast upon you because damnit you have every reason in the world to be angry, to feel hatred, to want to end the career of Romulus just as he did to you.... and tonight... you will get that chance!!"

*The fans listen in as Matt Lebleux grows serious*

Matt Lebleux: "Tonight Daniel, my young prodige, you will get your revenge on the once unstoppable king of the mountain Romulus because tonight marks the dawn of a new era in IWA, tonight is the start of something unprecedented, something so big it will take the stage next to none before it. Tonight IWA will begin it's first ever Four week long, gruesome, excruciating Tournament known as the King of IWA Tourney. Sixteen men will enter this Four week long marathon of blood, sweat and tears and only One Man, will reign suuuuuupreeeeeeeeme!!"

*The fans begin to cheer loudly as Matt Lebleux gets fired up looking at Daniel Johnson who cracks a smile*

Matt Lebleux: "The sixteen men will beat each other until theyre bruied and bloody to compete for the title of King of IWA and a future shot at the Heavyweight Championship of the Wooooorld. Oh yes, you fans think you've seen gruesome? Just wait and take witness to the carnage IWA will bring you when each superstar tries with all of their might to pave the ring with the guts and skin and dreams of their competitors only to be declared victorious... for one night... because the next week they will be back at it again and again, and... again until One Man stands over all others as the one... and only... King... of IWA."

*The arena erupts in cheers as Matt Lebleux points to the Titantron that lights up with the King of IWA Tournament Bracket*

Matt Lebleux: "Tonight's line up will consist of Perry Jenkins going one on one ina singles match with former Nest Member Daaaaniiieeeel Mayers!!"

*The arena lets out a loud cheer as the brackets light up*

Matt Lebleux: "Followed by a Former Tag Team Match up between Bobby Gruesome and his towering former monster of a partner, The Deeeepraaaaaaved Giaaant!!"

*The fans in attendance are now off their seats as the next brackets light up and Matt Lebleux smiles widely to Daniel Johnson who looks back curiously the fire still burning intensely in his eyes*

Matt Lebleux: "Daniel you said you wanted blood, you wanted revenge, you wanted a shot a retribution well here it is, Daniel Johnson one on one against former Heavyweight Champion of the Wooooorld, Rooooomulus!!"

*The fans are now ecstatic screaming out in excitement as Matt Lebleux lifts the mic back to his lips*

Matt Lebleux: "In a Last. Blood. Match..."

*The arena explodes once again as chants rise up around the stadium*

Crowd: "We Want Blood!! We Want Blood!!"

Matt Lebleux: "And the final match on tonight's card, Cory Atlas will go one on one, mono e mono against The International Champion, El Boooooarrrro!! In a Championship Lumberjack Match with The Prodigy and The Revolution members serving as Lumberjacks!!"

*The sea of roaring fans grow deafening as Matt Lebleux smiles and drops the mic. He approaches Daniel Johnson whoi has a sick grin on his face and pats him on the shoulder*

Matt Lebleux: "This is it kid, you got your chance to be raw..."

*Matt Lebleux leaves the ring as Unstoppable by TobyMac plays blaring through the speaker system as the fans cheer wildly*

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Lightning wont strike twice (Open to Hysteric)
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