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 Collateral Damage

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PostSubject: Collateral Damage   Tue Apr 30, 2013 5:25 pm

*The shot backstage to a stairwell where Kid A and Baby B are sitting on some of the steps talking in hushed serious tones. Baby notices the camera and stops talking to nod at the camera to Kid A. The cameraman tries to leave but Kid A jumps up and grabs the camera before he can.*

Kid A: "Lucky for you, guy, I actually want you here now."

*He stops glaring at the man and stares into the camera.*

Kid A: "Gotta get a few words across to some people. First I want to address what happened last week. The mystery man Daniel Johnson decided to unveil himself and show off his grand plan to the world. It sure was somethin'. Getting one up on poor old Romulus and startin' to avenge him for your weakness is an alright cause. But the way you went about it was crap since it had... collateral damage. You just had to wait for me to be done playin' with him but no. You just had to take away my prey, boy, and that ain't smart. I should make it my business to go out there for every match you have and show you why I can be 'trusted' to do my job."

Baby B: "Kid."

*He turns his attention to Baby and she slowly shakes her head. He looks down and takes a deep breath to calm himself down.*

Kid A: "But Ima take a page out of your own playbook. I'll keep you here. In the back of my mind and wait. There are many important things for both of us to take care of so I'll wait. But I will never forget. So when you are weak again, like everyone knows you can be... I might just be there to take you out permanently."

*Baby B clears her throat loudly and he breathes and changes his expression to a smile.*

Kid A: "More importantly, I also understand that congrats are in order. For Muttley who is the new contender. You'll also see some collateral damage from this win but of a different kind. Now we share some similarities, you and I. Well, I don't fight other's battles and I ain't much of a team player but I did win the Heavyweight Championship after clawing my way up from the bottom so I think that's enough. You have some good qualities, guy, but... you're just so dang stupid."

*He shares a laugh with Baby and sits back down on the steps looking totally relaxed.*

Kid A: "I know you got all this enthusiasm in ya cause you think you got some momentum but you should really look at the bigger picture. You're on the mountain right now, climbin' up. "

*He stands and goes up some of the stairs. Baby B lets him pass.*

Kid A: "It's rough goin' but you're still risin'. You won this contendership and climb a few hundred miles."

*He climbs up some more with some mocking exaggerated steps.*

Kid A: "You're in this tournament to get some figurehead crown and who knows how far you'll get but it might be a couple more hundred miles. As time goes by, if you do well, you might even see the peak and dangit it's been promised to ya. But then you get a good look and realize the situation you're in. See, you're stranded."

*He stops before he gets to the last step and looks up and back at the camera like he's scared.*

Kid A: "The peak is a dark, icy, craggily lookin' thing. A fog covers it and you can barely breathe, the air's so thin. Tears of frustration are gonna freeze on your pathetic face and you realize no puppy in the world will save you. You try to push on but you find that you're just so tired. You try your hardest and when you finally get a paw on the top you look up and see me steppin' on your hand. Then I look at you with scary eyes before I crush your hand and sent you tumblin' down hard."

*He throws himself back and wildly runs down the steps and hunkers down next to Baby and puts and arm around her. She smiles a bit and matches his determined gaze at the camera.*

Kid A: "See, Muttley, the top of the mountain is my home. I am the IWA Heavyweight Champion. I climbed up this Mount Olympus and toppled Romulus from his throne. I'll be damned if I let you, my first challenger, do the same to me. It's just too soon and I'm stayin' for a long while. Good luck in the tournament. I'll be paying close attention and waitin' from the top. It's time for my reign. A true reign and you will be its first victim."
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Collateral Damage
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