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 Baby's Tournament Report: Let's Begin

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PostSubject: Baby's Tournament Report: Let's Begin   Thu May 02, 2013 12:33 am

*We cut to the report center backstage where Sarah Lane sits at the IWA Newsdesk with Baby B. Sarah smiles at the camera and Baby B spins in her chair with the brackets displayed in a graphic between them. Baby B suddenly stops spinning when Sarah addresses the audience.*

Sarah: "Hello IWA!"

Baby B: "What? We're starting?"

Sarah: "Yes. It's time for our King of IWA Tournament Report. Every week Baby and me will give you a rundown of the matches in the tournament to crown the King of IWA! What are the biggest matchups of the night? Who is the strongest competitor? Who will be King?"

Baby B: "Right. Uh, this week we are starting with the first half of Round 1. It'll be a great day of regal violence."

Sarah: "So let's get right to it. Our first match of this illustrious tournament will be Daniel Mayers versus Perry Jenkins. What do you think of these two, Baby?"

Baby B: "Ok well Daniel Mayers is looking for something to prove after getting ditched by his former crew. He has a whole new identity and ditched his clowning and balloning which is awful. I don't know if he'll have what it takes to win but time will tell how his new determined and serious identity will perform. Clowns are awesome."

Sarah: "What about Perry Jenkins? He has also had a change of heart."

Baby B: "Yeah it seems both these guys have gone soft. Jenkins might have his attention focused on Prodigy and atoning for his own group's misdeeds but this match is against Mayers. Hopefully we'll see a new fire burning in 'em with the tournament and find out where their mind is really at."

Sarah: "Next we have Bobby Gruesome taking on The Depraved Giant. There is some history there with-"

Baby B: "That is before my time so it don't matter none. All I know is Bobby Gruesome is some former bureaucrat looking to get his hands dirty. Will his time off from competition and experience with the day to day drudgery of the office life prepare him to take on one of the bogeymen of the IWA?"

Sarah: "I don't think he'll have any problems in the ring."

Baby B: "You know what else doesn't matter? This match 'cause The Depraved Giant is in some dark dungeon somewhere. He talks rough and looks intimidating but he got imprisoned by that freaky Chaos Demon-whatever. So unless TDG breaks out of the dungeon somehow, Gruesome will get a bye due to a no show. Hey, do you think he also follows Abalam? I smell a cult conspiracy."

Sarah: "What?"

Baby B: "This is fun. Keep going."

Sarah: "Uh, ok. Now we're up to some more real grudge matches."

Baby B: "Aw, Daniel Johnson formerly known as Swagger D formerly known as Daniel Johnson just wants to get revenge on Romulus for taking him out a while ago or something. His intent is true but his methods are dumb and he should be careful about what he does from here on out. This time DJ has Romulus all to himself tonight so he should get this out of his system before it messes up his swag. Uhg, I can't believe I used that word."

Sarah: "Well, he'll be facing Romulus in a Last Blood match."

Baby B: "Oh how interesting. Who doesn't like a lil' bloodshed, eh? Daniel Johnson wants to extract his pound of flesh from poor little Romulus but does the former Heavyweight Champion have anything left to give? He's been having problems with his lady friend which helped cost him his title and the past is coming back to haunt him some more tonight. Will he be able to get back to his pompous self with an important win in this tourny?"

Sarah: "Let's hope so for his sake. Our last match is Cory Atlas vs El Baoro and it will also be for the International Championship."

Baby B: "It says here this thing's also a Lumberjack Match where members of Prodigy and Revolution will kick the guys back into the ring if they fall out. Now that's how you keep order, referees."

Sarah: "What do you think about our Champion?"

Baby B: "Well El Baoro... what is that anyway? Is that some Latino animal? Whatever. He is a young bouncy spark plug and he is a champ so this will work in his favor. There is seemingly some bad blood this being a gang related fight and all so his lucha self better keep his flight game restricted or else he'll bounce out on the wrong side of the ring."

Sarah: "I understand you have some familiarity with the challenger Cory Atlas."

Baby B: "He's been tutored by Hysteric, rest his soul, and I've been there on some occasions when they were training together. Don't tell Kid..."

*Sarah glances into the camera and turns back to Baby.*

Baby B: "Anyway This guy seems like he's got a good head on his shoulders even though he's rude. His first major challenge will be in this maelstrom of a gang warfare and a championship match to boot. It may be overwhelming but we'll see how Prodigy and Revolution get behind their guys. This match can have all manner of shenanigans and the winner will be the one who can focus more on taking advantage of the circumstances to get the win and advance."

Sarah: "It should be a great match and a great start to our King of IWA tournament. So there you have Baby's take on the first matches of Round 1. It'll be a pleasure sharing this exciting tournament with you and I can't wait to see what happens. Now let's get back to the show."

Baby B: "Baby B, over and out!"

*She rolls out of frame and Sarah hangs her head to hide her expression as the shot fades.*
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PostSubject: Re: Baby's Tournament Report: Let's Begin   Thu May 02, 2013 1:07 pm

lol looks great man!

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Baby's Tournament Report: Let's Begin
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