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 Interview with Bobby Gruesome

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Bobby Gruesome

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PostSubject: Interview with Bobby Gruesome   Thu May 02, 2013 8:40 pm

*Backstage, Dressed in his trademark suit and shades, Bobby Gruesome stands next to Justin Omega who has a microphone in hand*

Justin Omega: "Ladies and Gentlemen my guest at this time, last week he defeated Swagger D and tonight will face The menacing TDG in the King of IWA tournament, he is Bobby Gruesome. Bobby last week you defeated Swagger D in what would seem to be his last match under that persona, but what I and the IWA universe would like to know whether at all you feel responsible for provoking the attack committed by Swagger D a.k.a Daniel Johnson on the world champion and his number one contender"

*Bobby laughs a little to himself*

Bobby Gruesome: "You're asking me whether I feel responsible for beating up Swagger D so badly that he attacked Romulus and Kid A last week? Come on, seriously Justin that's one of the lamest questions I've ever been asked"

Justin Omega: "Please just answer it"

Bobby Gruesome: "You want an Answer to that question? You really want an answer? well my answer is no, I sure as hell don't feel responsible for provoking Swagger to the point that he attacked two of the top competitors in the main event last week. Listen I would love to take credit for causing Swagger D to attack Rom and Kid A, but the truth of it is that I beat him so quickly last week I doubt I made enough impact on his brain"

Justin Omega: "Okay now as for your opponent tonight how......."

*Justin Omega's voice tails off as Bobby rudely grabs the microphone from him*

Bobby Gruesome: "Just shut up and listen. TDG is a former tag partner of mine, I know his moves, he knows most of mine, it will be one hell of a match. But come the end of the match when the bell rings it will be me standing tall"

*Bobby walks off with the microphone as the camera fades to black*


- Former CEO of Magnus Pro Sports & IWA
- 1x International Champion
- 1x Global Tag Champion
- King Of IWA
- 3x Superstar of The Season
- Creator of IWA
- Former General Manager of IWA
- The Most Hated Man in the Company
- Owner of King Bobby Gruesome, Silverberg & Poseidon Magnus
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Interview with Bobby Gruesome
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