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 The Return?!\ (Opening segment) (UNFINISHED!!)

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PostSubject: The Return?! (Opening segment) (UNFINISHED!!)   Mon May 06, 2013 11:20 pm

*The cameras cut in to Ken Comaro and Rhys Trebian who welcome us to the show via commentary*

Ken Comaro: "Welcome ladies and gentlemen to yet another episode of IWA Termination!"

Rhys Trebian: "That's right, I'm Rhys Trebian."

Ken Comaro: "And I'm Ken Comaro, and we'll be bringing you live play by play coverage of tonight's show."

Rhys Trebian: "Matt Lebleux will not be joining us tonight for unknown reasons but not to be forgotten so soon, he was sure to leave you IWA fans with a stacked card for tonight."

Ken Comaro: "Right you are partner, last week we saw the gruesome fallout of just the first round of the King of IWA Tournament with El Boaro, Bobby Gruesome, Daniel Johnson and Perry Jenkins advancing into the brackets. The tournament has only just begun and we've already seen one man's career come to a near end."

Rhys Trebian: "Home viewers I strongly advise you to send your young ones to the other room as the following images and clips contain graphic material not suited for children."

*The tron lights up with a series of short clips from Daniel Johnson's Last Blood Match with Romulus where Romulus was seriously injured after the match by Daniel Johnson in retribution to Romulus's injury causing attack from many season's ago. Daniel Johnson stands victorious in a frozen image as the tron fades back to the cheering fans*

Rhys Trebian: "Oh how the former World Champion and all of his glory fell in front of the millions at the hands of Daniel Johnson, it was a brutal match but it looks like revenge fueled DJ had more to prove in that one."

Ken Comaro: "I'm afraid you're correct there Rhys, and word is that Romulus cannot be contacted for comments and has flown back to his home lands of Rome."

Rhys Trebian: "And that's probably the best thing for his career and life right now, he hasn't been the same since he was stabbed in the back at Thirst 4 Power, hell this whole feud with Kid A has seemingly taken a toll on Romulus in the worst way possible. Maybe he will find himself or at least realize what he has to do in order to return, if he does ever to decide to."

Ken Comaro: "What an unfortunate turn of events for the once proud Romulus, and in an even bigger turn of unfortunate events, Romulus's possible career ending injury was actually second on the list of vicious attacks of last weeks show."

Rhys Trebian: "What my partner is referring to is what is actually being called "Ezio's final match" in which... well there's no real way to explain it, lets just roll the clip."

*The tron lights up again

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The Return?!\ (Opening segment) (UNFINISHED!!)
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