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 Rookie Domination

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Rookie Domination   Wed May 08, 2013 12:23 am

* Sarah Lane is standing in the ring*

Sarah : " Please welcome at this time the giant Roussimoff"

* Bad Seed by Metallica Plays in the arena Roussimoff appears on the stage he raises his arms as the fans cheer*

* Roussimoff makes his way to the ring, he walks up the ring steps steps over the top rope into the ring he stands next to Sarah*

Sarah : " Roussimoff you have been a force so far in the rising star tourney winning the rookie battle royal and last week you threw one of the rookies threw the cage, but why did you walk out of the cage?"

Roussimoff : " I said at the beginning that I would dominate the competition as so far that has been true, as for last week it was strategy, you see If i were the last one in the cage then I would have been eliminated, so i chose to eliminate myself"

Sarah : " So how to you feel about the triple threat match at the ppv, where the winner is determined"?.

Roussimoff : " I look forward to it Sarah, the final step in the next portion of my career"

Sarah : " good luck to you"

Roussimoff : " You are welcome my dear"
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Rookie Domination
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