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 Rewrite History

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PostSubject: Rewrite History   Thu May 09, 2013 10:44 pm

*The camera fades backstage. The camera zooms into "Security Room. Staffs Only" sign on the door. The camera slowly zooms out showing that the door is open. The cameraman slowly walks in the room. Everything is dark until he finally sees another door. He pushes the door open. Suddenly the camera falls down. The ground scene with someone getting crashed on the table in heard. Someone is heard screaming in pain. Someone holds the camera up and puts it on the table in the corner of the room. About 6 TVs are seen playing 2 different videos. An unknown guy sits down on the chair in front of the table. He rubs his chin and keeps watching the video on the left. Romulus getting attacked by Daniel Johnson after their match last week is shown. The guy then turns his head to the ring looking at the video on the right. Swagger D hitting Perry Jenkins with "Last Breath" is being played over and over again. The guy then grabs the remote and turns off all 6 TVs. The guy then throws the remote on the table. He then turns sideways to the camera. He then puts his both leg on the table in front of the chair and turns to the camera. Daniel Johnson is seen. Daniel Johnson gives the camera a sadistic smirk before moving his hand from his chin. He then starts talking taking a breath*

Daniel Johnson: "Two of the best moments in my life. Two wins that gave a chill to my heart. Two wins that brought me at the top of this industry. Two superstars victimized. But I am not happy with the first one"

*Daniel Johnson tries to comfort himself by putting the leg down. He then slides his chair straight in front of the camera*

Daniel Johnson: "The first one should have been more brutal. Now, I just have to do it all over. I don't like doing things all over again and especially when its an opponent who I hate. Perry Jenkins, the Extreme lover? Perry Jenkins, the changed one? Perry Jenkins, the one and only... You've got some reputation but at the end of the night, none of that matters. You can't sell reputation, you can't do anything with it. Its nothing. Romulus had that 7 season long reputation and I just killed it in just 15 minute long match. He was a victim of my poison and you are next."

*Daniel Johnson leans over to the camera*

Daniel Johnson: "I've beat you once already. If you think you can kill the tiger that took out the best of this business last week then you're wrong, kiddo. I've been more vicious than ever. I won't let History repeat. You won't rewrite History. I know that you can't rewrite history and its your job now to prove me wrong."

*Daniel Johnson fades in a sadistic smile as he closes the camera. Then it fades away to commercial*
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Rewrite History
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