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 Really Stewson?

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PostSubject: Really Stewson?   Fri May 10, 2013 2:54 pm

*The camera shows the locker room door of Enigmatic Savior. There is a lot of noise in the room and then Enigmatic Savior exits the room.*

Enigmatic Savior: What the hell do you want? Get the hell out of my face.

*The camera man is moving away when Enigmatic Savior stops him and grabs the camera.*

Enigmatic Savior: Wait a second I want to let something off my chest. First of all, thank you Nick for accepting my challenge but this time you're not the one I'm ****** at. Stewson you want my title and you thought that was the best way to get my attention? You want a match? Why don't you earn it, you piece of crap.

*Enigmatic Savior pushes the camera away and walks off as the camera pans out.*
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Really Stewson?
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