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 Bryant Profile

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PostSubject: Bryant Profile   Thu May 16, 2013 11:31 pm

Name: Bryant Carter
Alignment: Heel

Bio: Bryant Grew up in Rawlins Wyoming watching wrestling and ever since then he knew that's what he was going to with his life. He has now earned a contract with IWA and is looking to make a name for himself, whether its in a good or a bad way.

Signature: Big Boot: Bryant Runs at his opponent, raises his boot, and kicks hip opponent.
Signature: PowerBomb: Bryant lifts his opponent on his neck and drops him on his back.
Finisher: (Submission) Cross Face: Bryant Raps his arms around his opponents neck and pulls.
Finisher: Uppercut Spear: Bryant deleivers an uppercut to his opponent backs in the corners and spears him to the ground

NOTE: The Uppercut Spear is the main finisher

Entrance: The Lights go down in the arena, a faint white picture appears on the tron, Paralyzer by finger eleven plays, Bryant walks down the ramp goes into the ring looks at the fans and laughs as he go's into the corner and waits for the bell
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Bryant Profile
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