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 Guesses and Examples

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PostSubject: Guesses and Examples   Fri May 17, 2013 1:14 am

We go backstage where Baby B sits on a table watching Kid A pace back and forth getting ready for his match.

Kid A: "So what you're telling me is that it wasn't this Daniel Johnson guy? He had his mask and all."

Baby: "That's why I think it wasn't. First of all I don't think he'd be stupid enough to make it so obvious. Second, he wouldn't don the mask again just for this."

He stops his pacing right in front of her and takes her head in his hands glaring into her eyes, barely controlling his anger.

Kid A: "But I named him and all. If someone called me out I know I'd go straight for 'em."

Baby: "He don't strike me as the same type. He's with his flock... or was. Them people like to lay low and hit ya when you least expect it."

Kid A: "Like in the parkin' lot all unsuspectin' like?"

Baby: "No. Listen. I'm just thinking about who would benefit most from hurting you like that? They even tried to take out your hands. Who would benefit from injuring ya?"

She taps his bandaged hand. He lets go of Baby and flexes the hand and thinks hard.

Kid A: "Why don't I just take it out on Johnson? You seem to know where them people are at."

She rolls her eyes.

Baby: "Cause then you would lose focus. You got this rookie here tonight with his big mouth that you need to make an example of-"

Kid A: "He did it!"

Baby: "From what I recall he ain't look like the guy. He's just some guy reaching way too high way too early."

Kid A: "I'll just put him in the picture anyway. Just for tonight."

Baby: "Whatever will get you in the right frame of mind to destroy him... But you should turn that mind on your title opponent afterwards."

He continues his pacing.

Kid A: "Oh he's been a target all this time. He can get his confidence up in this tournament all he wants. He thinks he shows his tenacity and what not by beatin' on his bro, but I've been chewin' up guys like that my whole time here. That ain't nothin'. All these show of strength and power by DJ Bay and DJ and that Mutt don't scare me one bit. They just want to seem like the big bad guy. Tonight I'll devour a brayin' sheep. Next week at the big show I'll show the Mutt and whoever this 'King' is why I'm champion."

Baby: "That's all you need to do to. Remind everyone why you are the Heavyweight Champion. It's your time now, Kid."

He pumps himself up and walks off with Baby trailing behind him.
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Guesses and Examples
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