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 Baby's Tournament Report: Round 2

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PostSubject: Baby's Tournament Report: Round 2   Fri May 17, 2013 2:19 am

The main theme music hits which can only mean it's time for the Newsroom where Baby B sits very alert next to intrepid reporter Sarah Lane. The current bracket is shown in a graphic between them and Sarah Lane stats us off.

Sarah Lane:"Welcome IWA to this week's Tournament Report."

Baby: "Sarah."

Sarah Lane: "The bodies have been dropping this season and the winner gets closer to being crowned."

Baby: "Sarah."

Sarah Lane: "There are only eight competitors left and four matches tonight will determine who moves on. The rivalries are only heating up."

Baby: "Hey, Sarah."

Sarah Lane: "What?"

Baby: "You forgot to say that this is Baby's Tournament Report and that I am really super extra excited to tell the people about these guys."

Sarah Lane: "You do seem a bit perky today."

Baby: "Well I've just been driving our super RV all the way here all by myself and my stinking sleeping brother was all I had to keep me company so I'm all hopped up on energy drinks, coffee, pep pills, and who knows what else to keep me up and alert. And I am UP. So lets do this thing!"

Sarah Lane: "OK even though I think you should lay down a bit."

She looks over at Baby who gives her a cheshire grin. She quickly goes back to her notes.

Sarah Lane: "First up we have El Boaro taking on Bobby Gruesome."

Baby: "Oh man this is crazy. Bobby Gruesome is untested, unchallenged, and smug as heck. This El Boarrro wants to keep his momentum going and he will have to take out this office monkey who is fresh and stuff. This is the classic immovable object versus the unstoppable force."

Sarah Lane: "What?"

Baby: "It's science, girl."

Sarah Lane: "Moving on... Daniel Johnson will face Perry Jenkins. Now these two aren't strangers to each other."

Baby: "Oh man this one will be crazy! We got the faces, the enforcers, the cornerstones of their respective gangs going one on one against each other. Daniel Johnson moved past the distraction that is Romulus and showed whoever what's what. Jenkins proved his new apologetic state was no match for Mayer's non-clown persona. That gang warfare that week was crazy and now there will be no distractions. These two will fight for their own pride as men. I suspect no one will interfere cause it is serious business now. Sarah? Sarah what's next?"

Sarah Lane: "Ok calm down. It will be Hurricane Earl versus Enigmatic Savior."

Baby: "Ohhh man this one? Crazy. Hurricane Earl the beloved of our beloved here, Sarah Lane, proved his mettle against his old dastardly partner Mr. Mexico. People should use that word more by the way. He got through his old partner like he was an old familiar enemy. What a bloodbath. Then the Termination Champ Enigmatic Savior terminated his opponent with a quick counter. These two don't have much history but I wonder if Earl's trail of blood will be enough to defeat a proven Champion. What do you think? Who's gonna win this one?"

Sarah Lane: "I will not fall for that one again."

Baby: "Ha, good call."

Sarah Lane: "Lastly it will be Muttley taking on Logan Acid."

Baby: "Ugh this one might be positively crazy. Here we got two of the biggest blowhards in the IWA. Muttley and Logan Acid like to make bold claims about themselves and try petty things to back them up. First they had to beat up their friends and brothers and partners. That was normal. Logan Acid had a proper match and he bested the guy but before that they had to be dealt with by IWA's owner and president Dean Dellachecka. That shut them up quick and they played their part. Then Muttley took pleasure in beating his former partner. He tried to make an example of him too but he ain't impressing no one, folks. It was a cheap and pathetic display if I do say so myself. He better not get any more ideas like that in any future matches cause I got my eye on him. That's right! This match will determine who's ego is inflated enough to carry their bodies to victory and more lofty thoughts that will only get crushed under the weight of reality in the next round and any future title matches."

Sarah Lane: "Wow tell them how you really feel."

Baby: "I am on a roll, Sarah."

Sarah Lane: "That concludes Baby's Tournament report. It should indeed be a 'crazy' night here in IWA as we get closer to the finals. Let's go back to the ring."

Baby: "Let's start this mother. Woo."

She turns in her chair quickly and then looks lightheaded and clutches the table for balance.

Baby: "Oh man I think I'm starting to come down."

Sarah Lane: "Are you alright?"

Sarah gets up and goes to check on Baby as the theme music starts up and we fade out.
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Baby's Tournament Report: Round 2
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