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 Rising Star final interview

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Rising Star final interview   Sun May 19, 2013 11:50 pm

* Sarah Lane is in the interview area*

Sarah : " I'm here with Roussimoff and his pro Earl Lockyer, first Earl you must be disappointed that you areno longer in the king of iwa tourney"

Earl :" Yes I am Sarah, Enigmatic Savior is a hell of a competitor and real threat to win the tourney"

Sarah : " what about the rising star finale a triple threat hell in a cell match, which you're rookie is in"

Earl : " I have no doubt that Roussimoff will win tonight"

Sarah : " Roussimoff what and you're thoughts on the tourney and you're pro Earl"?

Roussimoff : " Miss Sarah I would like to thank Earl for taking me under his wing, I have learned so much from him as for tonight's match, chris sparks and cameron needs are locked in a hell in a cell with me, I would not want to be them"

* Earl turns to Roussimoff*

Earl : " Tonight all my coaching ends, tonight go out there and make me proud and prove that you are the rising star"

* Earl extends his hand to Roussimoff, Roussimoff shakes it*

Sarah : " Thank-You both"

Roussimoff : " You're welcome my dear"

Earl : " No problem Babe"

*The camera fades*
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Rising Star final interview
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