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 Just another obstacle

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PostSubject: Just another obstacle   Thu May 23, 2013 4:50 pm

*Sarah Lane is standing outside Enigmatic Savior's locker room. She knocks on the door and waits. The door opens and Enigmatic Savior comes out.*

Enigmatic Savior: What do you want?

*Sarah Lane looks slightly worried.*

Sarah Lane: Have you heard the news about the special referee for the King of IWA semi finals and final?

*Enigmatic Savior looks slightly worried and shakes his head.*

Enigmatic Savior: Special referee, what the hell are you talking about Sarah? There can't be a special referee.

*Sarah Lane clears her throat.*

Sarah Lane: Um, well our GM has given Bford his request and he's the umm...

Enigmatic Savior: Whoa, whoa, are you telling me that Bford is the special referee? The guy who I beat for the Unified title and the guy who I eliminated from this tournament and now he's the ref? Are you kidding me?

*Enigmatic Savior takes a deep breath and then smiles.*

Enigmatic Savior: You know what Sarah, it doesn't matter. I'm still hurting from Stewson's attack last week and Bford is just another obstacle that I will have to overcome and I'll prove that no matter what the odds, no matter how hurt or beaten I am, that I am the greatest in-ring competitor that this company has ever seen.

*Enigmatic Savior reenters his locker room and slams the door leaving Sarah looking rather taken aback. The camera fades to black.*
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Just another obstacle
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