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 Getting Answers

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PostSubject: Getting Answers   Thu May 23, 2013 11:46 pm

We go backstage outside the control room where a lone fat guy is taking a break and eating a sandwich. Baby B comes down the hall and glances at the guy before innocently looking into the room buzzing with the chatter as the people inside coordinate the show. The guy standing outside the room looks flustered and almost chokes on his bite as he stammers on his words.

Guy: "H-hello, can I help you, er, Baby?"

Baby looks at him and smiles widely.

Baby B: "Oh hi, I'm just bored and looking around. All this stuff looks so interesting. I bet it's real complicated."

The man stands up straighter and wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

Guy: "Yeah, it's not simple... You know it's weird calling you 'Baby?'"

Baby B: "Most people get used to it after a time. What's your name?"

She walks closer to him then takes his badge hanging around his neck and looks closely at it. He secretly stares at her as she gets close.

Baby B: "Guy?"

She giggles a bit and he blushes.

Guy: "Yeah. It's a bit generic too, I guess. Like you and..."

He suddenly looks nervous and she smiles at him.

Baby B: "My brother ain't around. I just got to walking and came upon you and this interesting room. You work in here, right?"

Guy relaxes a bit and seems to be built up by her interest.

Guy: "Yeah. Went to school for it and everything. Would you like a small tour?"

She looks at him with a mock astonished face but he doesn't seem to notice.

Baby B: "Oh can I go in there? It seems like ya'll are awfully busy."

Guy smugly walks up to the door.

Guy: "It won't be a problem. I'm kind of a supervisor here. For the whole show."

Baby B: "Wow."

He leads her in and she rolls her eyes before following him. The other people in the room pay no attention to them as he takes her to his station with two monitors in front of it and a keyboard on the table.

Baby B: "Look at all these buttons! Can you really look at anything on these screens here?"

Guy: "Yup. Check these out."

He brings up the ending of Kid A's previous match and she leans in while putting a hand on his shoulder. He reacts like he isn't used to female attention and stays quiet.

Baby B: "Can you go to a couple weeks ago? When that mean man attacked my brother?"

Guy: "Uh, I'm not really supposed to-"

Baby B: "Pleaaase?"

Guy: "Uhm, okay."

He types a few things on his keyboard and with a few more clicks of his mouse the scene comes up on a screen. We see the attack unfold and then the shot freezes.

Baby B: "Keep going."

Guy: "That was mostly it."

She squeezes his shoulder and her innocent tone is gone.

Baby B: "Keep going."

Guy looks at her, dejected as it becomes clear why she was talking to him in the first place but he does what she asks. We see the shot zoom in on the shadowy Muttley grinning at what he's just done. Baby B pats Guy's shoulder hard and he leans away from her like it really hurt. She goes back to her flirtatious mood.

Baby B: "Thanks, guy. You're a real life saver."

Guy: "Whatever. Just get out of here, please. It's not really allowed."

She salutes mockingly and skips away as he scowls at her.
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Getting Answers
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