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 Ravaging Ron gives an extreme thanks

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Perry Jenkins

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PostSubject: Ravaging Ron gives an extreme thanks   Fri May 24, 2013 12:26 am

Camera fades into the parking lot where
Ravaging Ron is sitting in a hood of a
car with his kendo stick in hand

Ravaging Ron: "Tonight is the night....tonight is the night where I finally get the opportunity to define extreme and show the IWA management why I've deserved gold around my waist for the longest time. There is one person I should thank for this opportunity and that person is Mr. Matthew Lebleux!"

The crowd pops with loud boos

Ravaging Ron: "Damn I can hear you guys from all the way to parking lot!

Ron shares a laugh

Ravaging Ron: "Sir I would like to say thank you for finally getting your head out of your ass and started listening to me and the IWA universe. See I don't know if it was my "present" from last week that made you make this decision but either way it was a smart decision. I feel like I need to thank you in a more extensive way.

Camera zooms out

Ravaging Ron: "If you didn't notice I've been checking out your car. Sure is a corporate beauty! It would be a shame if anything would happen to it."

Ron gets up from the hood of the car and
walks to the passenger side window and
smashes his elbow threw it. He then take out
both side view mirrors.

Ravaging Ron: "Ohh what a shame! Sucks to suck doesn't it Matthew."

Ravaging Ron continues to smash up the car
then stops to speak

Ravaging Ron: "And this isn't even your thank you present! Your thank you present is in the trunk."

Ron walks to the trunk and pops it open.
What appears is a Russian flag covering up

Ravaging Ron: "Hmm...I wonder what it could be."

Ron lifts the flag and then appears a battered
and bloodied Ratchet.

Ravaging Ron: "Surprise! You remember this guy right? Another one of your stooges down! This isn't only a message to you Matt, it's also a message to my victims tonight. No one is going to stop me from be the first and only Hardcore champion in IWA history! And if anyone has a problem with that..."

Ron slams the trunk shut

Ravaging Ron: "Step up!"

Camera fades out

- IWA World Heavyweight Champion
- x1 Xtreme Division Champion
- x1 Superstar of the Season
- x2 Feud of the Season Award winner
- x2 Most Loved Superstar Award winner
- Former Leader of The Revolution
- Owner of Laura Brand, Ravaging Ron and Cameron Needs
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Ravaging Ron gives an extreme thanks
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