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 Making a Scene

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PostSubject: Making a Scene   Fri May 24, 2013 12:54 am

The shot cuts to the arena's Sports Bar where Baby B walks in and looks around. She seems to find what she's looking for and walks briskly to a booth in the back. Kid A is there with a beer mug talking to a blond woman with a fancy drink. Baby slams both her hands on the table glaring at the woman.

Baby B: "Scram."

The woman glares back and Baby stares her down until she finally scoots over and out of the booth.

Woman: "You should have said you had a girlfriend."

Baby waves her away.

Baby B: "Why does everyone think that?"

Kid A: "I wanna know why the hell you just did that?"

Baby B: "I got business."

Baby takes over the woman's seat and takes her drink before looking disgusted and drinking from Kid's mug.

Baby B: "I found some interesting news."

Kid A: "Well spit it out."

Baby B: "You know that guy that attacked you?"

Kid suddenly looks more alert than annoyed and leans in.

Kid A: "Yeah? I've been holdin' back so much lately. Almost went to town on three of the rookies in the locker room who were whisperin' to each other but held back when I heard they were just talkin' about Sarah and Autumn."

Baby B: "Well it ain't one of them. It was our pal Muttley. Saw him clear as day on the screen."

Kid A: "How?"

Baby B: "Just some Guy I know. And Muttley was dumb enough to stick around and watch the scene of the crime so the camera could catch him."

Kid slams his own hand on the table and smashes a glass salt shaker to pieces. Baby jerks back looking surprised then slinks down when she realizes the whole bar is silent and staring at them.

Baby B: "Damnit, Kid. Don't hurt your hand any more than he already did."

She grabs a napkin and wraps it around his now bleeding hand. He smacks his fist on the table again embedding tiny shards into his knuckles.

Kid A: "This ain't nothin' I ain't feel before, Baby. Pain drives me. Rage cures everytin' and right now I'm seein' red. Now I got my target clear and true and it's just great how I got more of a reason to gut him now."

Baby B: "Just don't let the madness make you lose your focus on the Title. You're going in there to defend it."

Kid A: "Oh no, my focus, my drive in this match is gonna be to hurt that man. He's already shown me what he can give. It's time to retaliate back. He thinks takin' out this hand was gonna help him? Well I got a bunch of other ways to beat people senseless. I know you can agree on that much."

Baby B: "But the main thing is..."

Kid A: "In savagin' that mutt I'll also be defendin' my title. When I come back to my senses and his lifeless, bloodied body is at my feet, I'll have the championship still."

Baby looks at him cautiously and slides the mug back to him to calm him down. He takes a long drink.

Baby B: "Alright. I guess it'll be a good example."

Kid A: "I got that in mind too. Sendin' a message to this so called King is also a priority. I hope they won't get a big head from that crown 'cause when they start lookin' my way I'll lay 'em out worse than Muttley. How much longer 'til the match?"

Baby B: Soon. But let's get out of here before the kick us out."

She drags Kid A out of the booth and covers up his hand again. He takes his mug and downs his drink before throwing it down and breaking it.

Kid A: "They won't kick me out. I'm the Heavyweight Champion."

Baby pulls him out more briskly as he stares down anyone still looking at them.
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Making a Scene
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