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 Better than ever

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PostSubject: Better than ever   Sat May 25, 2013 5:14 pm

*All attention of the crowd goes to the titantron where the video is about to be shown. It starts with the entrance motion of Daniel Mayers wearing a clown mask. The picture is supported by a voice of Daniel Mayers himself.*

Daniel Mayers: "That's how I started... Disguising all my rage under that fake face."

*The video shows Daniel Mayers riding a tricycle, bashing Perry Jenkins with a toy hammer, tying balloons to several opponents, driving an ice-cream van outside etc.*

Daniel Mayers: "Not only under the mask but under the actions as well. That's why I wasn't treated earnestly."

*Then there go moments of Enigmatic Savior tying a balloon to Daniel Mayers's wrist and The Hysteric beating Daniel Mayers at the ringside with a road sign.*

Daniel Mayers: "Everyone thought they could beat me in any way they want and they did seeing nothing but that motionless smile on my external face."

*The action on the video moves to the parking lot showing a burning barrel and Daniel Mayers flinging the mask into the fire.*

Daniel Mayers: "But now... It over..."

*The entrance area lights up with a couple of fireworks tearing the air with a whistling sound. Some moments later Daniel Mayers shows up to the "Dead memories" by Slipknot and the crowd ovations.*

Daniel Mayers: "Allow me to show you my real face! I have nothing to hide anymore. All emotions had been washed off. I lost my last match just because I wasn't fully recovered after my injury but I had more than enough time to get ready for todays event. I'm back! Better then ever! Tonight the victory shall! Be! Mine!"

*The crowd cheers Daniel Mayers and he leaves.*
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Better than ever
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