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 Roussimoff Profile

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Hurricane Earl Lockyer

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PostSubject: Roussimoff Profile   Thu May 30, 2013 12:03 am

Name: Roussimoff

Height 7' 1

Weight 390 Lbs

Hometown Bear River Nova Scotia

Entrance theme Bad Seed by Metallica

Bio: Roussimoff the Acadian Giant is an attraction wherever he goes, strength comes from working in the lumber mills in his youth possesses powerful slams and kicks and has shown some technical abilities, tend to switch between Heel and face and fears no opponent.


Elbow Drop

Air Raid Siren

Finishers :

Skull Crusher : ( Roussimoff stalks his groggy opponent, he flexes his hand then places his hand on his opponents head and squeezes )

La Massicot ( Roussimoff slams his opponent to the mat, he follows with a massive elbow drop, then stands takes a few steps and drops his leg across his opponent)

Entrance : Bad Seed by Metallica plays in the arena Roussimoff appears on the stage wearing black pants black boots and black gloves, pyro explodes on the stage he walks slowly to the ring walks up the ring steps steps over the top rope walks to the center on the ring and raises his arms.

Taunt: Giants Rage ( Roussimoff roars out to the crowd and beats his chest).
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Roussimoff Profile
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