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 Back on the track (open challenge for the first one who answer it)

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El Boaro

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PostSubject: Back on the track (open challenge for the first one who answer it)   Wed Jun 05, 2013 5:35 pm

"La Grande V" by Rumatera hits in the Arena, and the crowd welcomes the masked superstar with a huge cheer. El Boaro makes his way to the ring with a slow pace, never glancing up. He enters the ring and asks for a mic.

"El Boaro: "Season 7 is finally over... You know, that was supposed to be the season of my consecration, but it turned out to be a nightmare for me. On my first title defense, I was able to retain, but only thanks to Hurricane Earl Lockyer.

As he names Earl, the crowd starts chanting "Hurricane sucks"

El Boaro: "Yes, he does... But let's move on... In that same match, I earned the right to help a young guy's career... And I failed! What else??? Oh yes, I lost in the quarter finals of the King of IWA Tournament against Bobby Gruesome."

El Boaro: "But, to be honest, I reached the lowest point in my career, and that's quite ironic, I must admit, at Ascension, where I lost my International Championship to a man that I used to call my friend."

A huge booo can be heard from all the Arena

El Boaro: "I can't tell you what hurts me the most.. The fact that Earl stabbed me in the back, or the fact that I don't realize that he was a coward, just like is former partner Mr Mexico, or Tzuki, or What-The-Hell-Is-Going-To-Be-His-Name-The-Next-Time."

El Boaro: "You stole something from me Earl, and I want it back. Tonight is Open Fight Night, and I still have my rematch clause..."

The crowd goes on their feet, in anticipation for El Boaro's challenge

El Boaro: "Luckily for you, I can't call you out tonight... But don't worry, amigo, sooner rather than later, we will meet in this very ring. But I have to tell you cabron, when this happens, you will not have the chance to cheap shot me from the back. We will see if you're able to defeat me in a fair fight!!"

"El Boaro"'s chant fills the arena, as he's still standing in the middle of the ring, motioning the crowd to calm down.

El Boaro: "Well, I don't want you people to think that I'm out here only to waste your time. So, since I'm standing in a ring, and I have a microphone in my hand, I guess I should call somebody out..."

El Boaro: "This is Open Fight Night, so maybe I should issue an Open Challenge to any superstar in the backstage... C'mon guys, don't be shy... We can't stay here all night!!"

He drops the mic, takes off his shirt and throws it to the crowd, waiting for his opponent
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PostSubject: Re: Back on the track (open challenge for the first one who answer it)   Thu Jun 06, 2013 5:20 pm

*Lights across the arena turn off. Then purple fireworks spark on the light while 'Ali in the Jungle' by
The Hours plays and some of D.J.Bay's greatest matches are played over. D.J.Bay steps
out to admire the crowd and his muscles before jogging to the turnbuckles
across the rings while tensing his muscles to the crowd.*

D.J.Bay:"Well, well, well what do we have here. Is it El Boaro or shall I just call you Ex-Champion."

D.J.Bay pulls out a smirk and sniggers and continues.

D.J.Bay: "Now you claim to had a bad season, but mines been much worse. From winning a 8 man chamber match to within weeks losing in am rookies match. If there is anyone who deserves to have a big oppotunity it's me. I've only been here for 1 season and it's been tough."

D.J.Bay: "But today might just be the day that I could start the rise of D.J.Bay. The raise of the man with the big muscles, the man who beat 7 other men is a steel chamber, and the man who will beat you tonight. So without further ado, lets bring out a referee and start the match between D.J.BAY AND EL BOARO."

The crowd begin to cheer and chant: "Start the match, Start the match!"
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Back on the track (open challenge for the first one who answer it)
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